Bubble wands - friend or foe?

Ok the title was a trick. Of course they’re foe. They’re a menace to food and eyes while walking through the parks. However, my daughter LOVES hers (nana bought it last trip :roll_eyes:, I’m looking at you indulgent nanas) so she wants to bring it this trip but we aren’t checking bags so no liquids. Are their places in the parks or hotels to buy bubbles? Thank you for helping in spite of the danger she will represent to innocent park goers.


:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

My DH and I laugh every time we see them and/or walk through a field of bubbles. I have an unopened soap machine in my closet waiting for a grandchild on Christmas 2022. I wonder if your bubble machine is like regular bubbles stuff. The DVC shops have dish detg. that you could buy to use to refill your bubble wand… I know they aren’t called DVC shops but I think all resort shops have a sundries section and I know resorts w/ DVC rooms have dish soap (IDK the soap to water ratio). But ask a CM about refills, I’ve never seen a refill bottle anywhere but not really looking either. Good luck!




I love them at the parks. Use them as a beacon torch leading my group through the crowds. Keeps kids distracted and you have to be the grinch to not like bubbles.

I hate them at home. They aren’t high quality so end up leaking all over, especially when the kids just leave them running on the floor.


Not a fan of them, I just grin and bear it when I encounter them (we’re empty nesters). But I have seen comments here or on Lines chat from someone who is actually allergic to them. Using them out in the open is one thing, but in the tight confines of a line, especially indoors…I don’t like that at all.


Or getting turned on while inside the backpack and soaping up the inside. Reminds me, I need to turn the backpack inside out and wash it.


This. Best thing about a nice breezy day in the parks. Look amazing at night. I always feel a little happier if I get “stuck” behind one in line. I love seeing a bunch of them going off at the same time in the same area.

Should be a high priority item in almost any “park kit”. Above celebration buttons but below magicbands. I wish they had clips like a lightsaber though, so you can store them easier.

As far as fuel, there’s refills in some stores. Pretty sure I saw them in the emporium.


The bubble wand carts usually sell refills for $2.


If this is a very small child you could probably substitute something else once you get to the parks. The excitement of being there coupled with the thrill of something completely new might make the bubble wand yesterday’s news. Good luck.

Plot twist: Foe.

Seeing someone sneeze/cough while walking through a bubble patch, then watching other people walk right through trying to pop those little disease carriers with the same fingers they immediately rub their eyes with was enough to put me off.

Ugh. And they get in my drinks/on my pretzel.

Get off my lawn kids!

Also…I’ve seen the refills on the carts as well.


My son loves them and they keep him happy when he’s running low on reserves but we are very careful that he uses it in wide open spaces only. Not allowed in lines, no where near where people are eating. They definitely sell small green bottle refills, they’re easy to miss because they’re so small but I have seen them in lots of places once I’d bought some and knew what they looked like.


I’m so glad to see bubbles getting some love.
We’ve always opted for the light up nik naks over the bubbles. I always figured it’s better value to have your own lights and enjoy everyone else’s bubbles :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::rofl::rofl::rofl::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


I love bubbles and the joy they bring to most. Unless someone is egregiously blowing them full speed at my face I say the more the merrier! Maybe not in a dining location either, but otherwise bubble me up!


Thanks for letting me know where to find refills (despite your best interests in some cases!) you all have made my daughter VERY happy. She will definitely not blow them in lines or ever indoors. I try to mitigate the damage!


Speaking as someone who inhaled a bubble on my most recent trip, I think they’re a menace and should be banned.

Serious question: Why is vaping banned in the parks, but bubble wands are not? What is the difference?


I see vaping all the time in the parks. Not enough security :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Could this be ordered with your grocery or amazon delivery (if you are getting one that is)?

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Despise them - especially bad for eyeglasses.


Sadly it’s a really short visit so no grocery order

They’re the best! I love them! I love them with or without my kids! Here’s a few more exclamation points for good measure: !!!

They’re beautiful, and fun, and fill my heart with joy.

Way to go, nana!

And yes they sell them in the parks :relaxed:
-“them” being bubbles sans wands