BTMRR sadness

My wife informed me this morning that BTMRR is supposed to be closed May 4 through May 21. Our trip is May 10 to May 18. See the problem?

Refurbishments are par for the course, but what saddens me about this is when we were last at Magic Kingdom in 2016, BTMRR was being refurbished so our DS6 couldn’t ride it. We were happy that now he will be able to ride it at 10, finally.

But, alas. It doesn’t seem to be the case. I think Disney did it on purpose.

Anyhow, officially, there is no announcement on the Disney site, the the available times for the ride are missing from May 4 to May 21.

Bummer. Frankly, I would rather be able to do BTMRR than ROTR. Oh well.

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Oh I’m sorry, that sucks.

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Ugh that stinks… when I saw it my heard sank thinking it would be during our April trip. I understand your disappointment! Maybe the refurb will be delayed? One can hope!

That sucks… Unfortunately, I cant root for a delay on this one unless it is substantial, really hope it is back up for our May 24 to 31 trip. That timeline has me nervous.

That article doesn’t mention the reason for the closure, but perhaps it’s related to an assertion in another article:

“this refurb should finally bring the explosive finale sequence that was installed at the attraction in 2014 at Disneyland and in 2016 over in Disneyland Paris”


I can relate. Splash is down for our trip (our oldest was most excited about it). Kali is down. Test Track is down all but the first day (so we had to rearrange our days). It would be nice if the planned refurbs were announced six months out so people could change if they wanted. I understand there are unexpected closures, but the planned ones should be easy to announce earlier.

I’m sorry.

I wouldn’t take that as fact given the source. No one else is carrying that suggestion, so he is “breaking” the story. And his track record for breaking news hasn’t been great over the last year.

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I’m sorry @ryan1. I’ve had some really sad refurbs over the years, but not the same one twice.

Well - that’s not true.
Primeval Whirl has been closed during at least two of our trips and I was pregnant one of our trips, so I’ve only ever gotten to ride it once. And that was enough.

awww man. That is a bummer

That stinks! We’re actually going May 3-11 and May 3 happens to be a MK day and BTMRR happens to be on my TP that day (with the hopes of obtaining a FP). Soooo, I’m hopeful but now a bit concerned that people may be flocking to the ride even more due to impending closure, making FP impossible and lines excessive. (And I have littles who just won’t tolerate excessive lines…nor can I tolerate them on an excessive line :joy:)

I briefly considered writing Disney a strongly worded email expressing my distress at the situation. I am sure they will completely change their schedule for our cause. Don’t you think?


Of course :joy:

Yeah, we are going 5/16- 5/23. It’s my husband and oldest son‘s favorite ride. Our last day at the park is 5/22, so I’m hoping for no delays so we can leave a little early from HS and hop over to MK to catch it at closing. That’s the best time to ride it anyway. I’m guessing closing will be switched to 10pm since DAH starts at 10 that night. I’m really glad we got hoppers this trip because with all the new stuff and construction, this trip will be a bit more of a mess with planning.

BTMRR was closed for us in Sept 2016, but we did get to ride it many times in May 2018.

It’s on several other blogs as well, including Kenny the Pirate.

Then it depends who reported it first! A few copied TC on things like the Country Bears, even the Land and Seas. :joy::joy:

I have a similar conspiracy theory about the WDW Railroad. Every single trip - and I just finished trip #7 - the railroad hadn’t been running. It just makes a loop around the park. How am I so thwarted by a simple ride? I actually looked up my MK trips at one point against the Wikipedia page for the RR just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.

I’m sorry you’ll be missing it and hope this is either shoddy info or that the dates shift.

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Bummer I love that ride.

I am also very disappointed, we will be there 5/9-5/16, it’s one of my favorites

Oh no!!! Thank you SO MUCH for the heads up. This was my (autistic) son’s first ever roller coaster, and all he’s talked about during our planning is going back on his “favorite” roller coaster. Because of his autism, it is REALLY hard for him to deal with plan changes when he gets something in his head. Our trip is right in the middle of these closure dates. I can start preparing him now.