Brown Family Trip (Rain, rain go away)

Travel Day: Well Sort of…
4:30am Up, trying to get some work done and will check in for our Southwest Flight at 5:05
We are leaving this evening to stay at a hotel near our “local” airport (2hrs away) so we can fly out on the red-eye in the morning.
I feel so behind at work, as DS accident has had me out of work two days this week.
He also has a follow up appointment today at 10am. What? How? We will get it done somehow.
DH has yet to actually pack. (I set out his summer clothes weeks ago). He started telling me last night (yes about 20 hours before we leave the house) that he needs more underwear and a couple more pairs of shorts. We live 45 minutes from any clothing stores, but sure I will fit that in sometime, sure.
Got All 4 reservations checked in to Southwest. If I was doing this again, I would have used some liner strategy. DS2 has the best boarding position followed by us (his parents). While his Grandparents and Aunts are a little farther back and are in B. With Southwest we could have boarded right after A anyway, so I should have checked the others in first. LOL I would have known this if southwest had a forum :wink:


Hope you manage to get everything done! Looking forward to following along. Hope DS isn’t in too much pain.

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I wonder if your low boarding numbers were because your check in was so early and some wouldn’t bother getting up.

My flight is 12:45 PM.

Were you all on the same reservation? Did you have to check people in one at a time?

Praying his hand heals quickly and there are no surprises at FU. :+1:

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That sounds like a stressful day ahead. I hope once you’re in the hotel tonight you can relax, and that DS is doing well, and that your husband can figure out his clothes situation.

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Well, not to be rude or anything on your behalf, but is there any reason he can’t take care of that himself? I generally buy my own underwear and shorts and clothes in general.


But how is this possible? :wink:


I’m trying to figure out how it is possible to NOT do it yourself. Maybe others don’t face the same issues I do getting things to fit right. I have to try everything on myself to make sure it looks right. Even something I’ve bought in the past, when I go to re-buy the same thing a couple years later, the fit may be different.

Underwear has been particularly tricky, because I have a waist size 31. But most underwear is sold as 28-30, then 32-34. I find the smalls are too small, and the mediums are too big. I finally find underwear I’m happy with, and what do you know? They stop selling it. :confused: So, now sure how my wife could do my clothes shopping for me.

(I do prefer her to be around when I buy my clothes, however, to make sure she’s happy with how I look in them.)


Can he Amazon some underwear and shorts to the Orlando hotel/rental?

Good luck with everything today! I hate that stressed feeling going into vacation. I’ll need to search for liner SW strategy as we’re flying them for the first time this December.

Looking forward to following along with the TR!


Each pair of underwear is good 4 days. Forwards, backwards, turn inside out, then backwards again.



Some of my kids seem to ascribe to this philosophy. I rarely do my kids’ laundry, but I’ve been horrified on the rare occasion I help out.


My kids are still little, but i have had to have a talk with them about how a week’s dirty laundry should have more than 2 pair of underwear


Or how about when you send your kids to camp, only to have them come back a week later and find they never even opened the shampoo or soap you sent down with them. :confused:

Although, to be fair, I remember in my band camp days, you had to take showers with a buddy…if you didn’t, you’d end up coming out of the shower with all your belongings missing. On more than one occasion, someone had to make their way back to the cabins stark naked and dripping wet. So, one of you stands guard of the clothes while the other showers, then you swap once the first is out of the shower.


We have DOD numbers that get us some privileges on bags and security, I assume the different SW reservation numbers have to do with that. Not sure though but just a guess. I thought it was weird too. I actually had to go in and check in for multiple reservations.

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Exactly!! We have been shopping many times in recent weeks. Everyone else older than 3 said, I could use more…whatever. We either bought it at a store or Amazon’s it. He is on his own now. When we get to Columbus he can go buy what he needs. I am not his Mother. Lol. But no he has no physical or mental reason he can’t care for himself.
He was even off work for DS surgery yesterday and we were near a mall then. Oh well…


He may be wearing dirty shorts and underwear but he will have brand new matching shirts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is all that matters.
Photo ready!


I had the opposite issue…DS7 would change his underwear when he got up, when he showered, and when he went to bed. I do not have time for all that laundry!!!

To be fair, we weren’t created needing soap and shampoo. I don’t use either on my kids unless something really gross happens. They have very soft skin and hair as a result :slight_smile:

You can always send him down to do laundry at the resort…or wait, is it his mother that will be there? Maybe that’s what he’s counting on?!

I pray for a glowing report!

I’m intrigued. I love nothing more than a freshly scrubbed child. Do you use sunscreen? How do you get that off? Inquiring moms want to know.

ETA despite how much I like this it only happens once a week or so. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

True. Although, I’m thinking more the teen years when smelly armpits come into the picture. :slight_smile:


Depending on the sunscreen you use, water is likely good enough. But we use Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide based sunscreen, which requires a little more effort to wash off. (Although, that also makes it great sunscreen because you can’t easily sweat it off, either!)

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