Broken Ornament Question :*(

We have just returned from our first family trip to WDW after so many cancellations over almost two years. I bought our kids a 50th anniversary ornament and wrapped it up in tissue paper with plans to carry it on the plane with me. When we were putting the bags on the curb at the airport, the ornament broke. :tired_face:

My eight year old is devastated and I didn’t realize there is a major resale issue with WDW items. The item, though fully stocked in all the park stores, is sold out online. Any ideas on if I can get a replacement?

Maybe someone who is there now or soon would be willing to pick it up for you and ship it your way. I’ve had folks do similar for me in the past.

Though honestly, too, they are very good about replacing broken items. I had a mug break on the way home and called a number (I’ll have to figure out which) and they shipped a new one to me no questions, no charge.

Here is information from a blog post on The Dis I just found:

“Merchandise Guest Services can be reached by calling (877) 560-6477 and the cast members there are incredibly helpful. When you call them looking for a specific item, it’s best if you have that item’s SKU because then the cast member can find information on what you’re looking for in a hurry.”


You are the best! Calling now :heartpulse:


You could also check the phone number on your receipt if that phone number doesn’t work. The article was not particularly new.

I hope @OBNurseNH tips get you a replacement. That ornament is adorable!


Unfortunately, they can’t help me. If it is out of stock online, they can’t help pull strings to get one out of the shops. So sad but guess I will purchase one of the resale items online on Ebay which stinks. You would think Disney would want to help stop resale purchases especially for an item bought not even four days ago. :cry: :cry:

If I were there now I would help you get one. Maybe someone else can since I am not/


Aww-thank you for being so thoughtful. I wish Disney was helping to curb these resellers. I saw one that had sold 47 and had five more. All for over double what I paid for it ($29.00).

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It’s super cute and I’m so sorry it broke!

Do you remember which store/park you got it from? (Sorry if already mentioned, I just woke up).

I can at the very least go and see if it’s still for sale.


That would be amazing. They had a ton of them at the Emporium Gift Shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. The middle area has the 50th anniversary items and they were in the middle left of that part of the store. The UPC on my tag is 00093701594 and $29.99. I would be absolutely so grateful and can Paypal/Venmo/Zelle payment plus shipping and handling. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edited to add my receipt with personal information removed.

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I will keep an eye out for it!

I was hoping for another reason to get MK back into rotation (not at the expense of your ornament though!!!)

I’ll try to get over there tomorrow (if someone there that can do it today, please do!)

I’ll message you if it’s still for sale!


Also, thanks to @OBNurseNH for the idea :heart_eyes:


Great! Thank you very much! I can also send you my text via private message if needed.



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YAY! You found it!


I just need an address to ship it!


Maybe one or two things while I was at it :wink:


I totally have that Chip & Dale ornament!