Bringing a Newbie: Going for "I have just met you and I love you."

The Who, Where my Ladies at?:
Me, DD16, DF17 (Dear Friend), DA (Aunt), DC1 (Cousin1, the younger sister and the for sure) and possibly DC2 (Cousin2, the older sister who is a maybe)

The Plan Stan:
Thursday, May 2 - Arrive LGB at 11AM-ish and DCA
Friday, May 3 - VIP Tour (an American Disney First for me, I have done in Hong Kong but it was much cheaper there)
Saturday, May 4 - Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Tour (non-Private)
Sunday, May 5 - Cinco de Mayo Beach Party
Monday, May 6 - Disneyland till 4pm, then LAX home 7pm-ish (le sigh)

And there will be this thing going on called PixarFest (a first for me) so I did a thing to the backpack:

Betcha can’t guess my favorite Pixar Film and Character? :wink:


I can smell you!


(He’s my absolute favorite Pixar character too!)

Love the backpack. Love the overview. Can’t wait to read up on how it all goes.


You are my eyes and ears!

But you have VIP so I may not have the same results…

But still - I’m watching you!

Did you see a new cold brew at Troubador Taverne UP themed?


That sounds familiar like I saw it on a youtubers video. It sounds a little sweet for me though. The pecan one they had Pym’s was sooo good though and it was sweet. I think cuz they use such dark coffee it balances so maybe.


I’m following foodatdisneyland on IG.
It does look sweet.


Watched OrdinaryAdventures last night and they said it was really sweet so Up themed as it is, I’ll pass. I love Up and Coffee but I don’t really love sugary coffee (or drinks in general). But some of the other Pixar snacks look yummy.

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:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: looks like Major fun will be had!! I just love your bag and all the pins. I have to ask… Do you have locking backs or just the regular rubber mickey head stopper?


Oh they are very definitely locked on! I lost some the first time I didn’t have those (and I’ve still lost 2 or 3 even with the locking backs, darn shoving a bag in a locker broke one of them). I’m a little scared cuz one of these is from Hong Kong and I’m not going back there anytime soon most likely so I hope I don’t lose it to the game but on the other hand if I don’t ever wear it, does it even exist? :wink:


We also use the locking backs after losing a few good ones! This last trip DD21 traded for 2 pins on a pin board that were from Hong Kong Disneyland!

Not sure if they are fakies or not but she liked em so… :blush:


adorable! I really like the ice cream cone!
Also, I agree, what matters is do you like them!


do you have all the ADR’s you want? I can’t DM you, but I’d be happy to share my Mouse Dining login if you were still hoping for something and want a text alert.

Oh I’m good. I did the paid one before the 60 days and then cancelled the subscription once I got what I needed. But thank you very much!

For those that haven’t read your thread we have ADRs for:

  1. Better Together Pixar Parade Dining Package
  2. WoC Dessert Package
  3. Carnation Cafe breakfast (for Mickey Waffles)
  4. Blue Bayou dinner
  5. Cafe Orleans lunch (for Monte Cristos and pommes frites) (this one I actually got with the free one later as kind of a last minute pick)

So excited. It’s happening. I still don’t understand why we get randomly selected every time for additional screening in the TSAPrecheck line. I mean every time. Isn’t that why they background check us!!! But I didn’t have to take off my belt or shoes so still worth it!!! At the gate and flight is on time. I was worried about that cuz it’s rainy here.


Things have begun.


Got a golden ticket but it’s only showing me Disneyland rides. We got it for Web Slingers. What can we use it on in DCA?

Can I use it on Incredicoaster

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It’s been awhile, but I believe there’s another tab or something showing the other park.

Edit: tap the wheel…


Thanks. The problem is there was no icon. I tapped on where it should be and that worked and you can use it on literally every ride including non lightning lane rides except RSR.

Also some of this is really good including the mocktail


This should probably be more emphasized here. That can be incredibly valuable at DLR, since there are so many standby only rides.


Sooooo tired.


Cozy start as we wait for our 5th.

I’m still tired. No coffee yet