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Just saw this- anyone confirm from another source?


It’s not updated on my app. App still says masks and temp screenings


I’m waiting for the paper to send me an email like they did for USO

Universal Orlando says masks are no longer required outdoors starting Saturday

Universal theme parks are no longer require covering facial covering outside for visitors starting Saturday although people are still asked to still bring masks with them to wear inside.
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Damn. I wonder how that’s going to be policed.
Me and DD7 are going in 13 days and this just makes me more nervous for her now :neutral_face:

I was hoping this would change after my trip.


There nothing official yet

It’s on WDW website:


Seeing it on the WDW page.

It’s real.


I know this is not good news for all of us. Some here have medically fragile family members - children especially - and this news is scary. I do not discount that at all. I worry for all of you in the same way that I have worried for all of us all of this last year or more.

But just for now, in the same way as I cried when things shut down little by little last year, I am sitting here with happy tears. Normal is coming back. Vaccines are saving lives. We have almost put this in our rearview.


I am very pleased to see this progress. Thanks for sharing!

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This! I think i cried a little when I read the newsfeed. Happy tears! The same as when I got my first shot in Jan…i finally feel like we are almost out of this for real. This is good news for everyone as disconcerning as it is will be for some people.



For the first time in 14 months, I feel the same. It started yesterday for me, when our Governor announced that instead of rolling our county and many others here in WA back to Phase 2 next week, that we are moving forward and planning to reopen the state fully at the end of June (sooner if 70% of eligible people have had their first dose of the vaccine). Today he said no masks inside if vaccinated to align with the CDC. It has been a great couple of days here. Now, no masks outside in FL theme parks which is awesome too. I am a happy person today. :smile:


Well that was fast.


I am happy to see that they are still requiring masks for indoors- I feel like it’s a happy medium. I hope they enforce it.

I’ve been saying all along to follow the science and I have to keep telling myself the science says it’s not transmitted outside, so I guess I have to just trust it. (Inner voice melting down with anxiety but also a bit happy)


In a way, this news of “no more masks at Disney” [I know, lots of fine print details, such as outdoors only] reminds me of the feelings when the news broke about the Berlin wall coming down. Very freeing, and lots of rush to verify it on various media.

I know, there’s still plenty of angst out there about how to navigate this gray area of reopening.


Somehow it was the shutting down of WDW that scared me the most, in terms of my understanding the scope and severity of it.

In the same way, this makes me feel so relieved and utterly joyful.


It’s weird right? But it’s so true :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Is this wording different than USO… outdoor masking is optional ?

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Seems effectively the same to me. UOR says it’s not required / Disney says it’s optional. Just a different emphasis but same effect.


This is great news! (I’m going in August and the thought of wearing a mask outside was NOT appealing :joy:)

What I like about this is that at least for now masks are still required in restaurants, in shops, basically anywhere indoors and on transportation. I think that might actually help with compliance in some ways. Sure, you’ll probably still get those people who have their nose uncovered and stuff but even in my conservative area people are pretty mask compliant in indoor places where they know they should be such as stores.

I know there are people that will still be understandably worried about this change but I think Disney is doing it the right way here.

(I think it’s funny that the temp checks are lasting longer than masks outdoors :joy:)


Is tomorrow the last day of temps and no masks ?

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