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May 16 is the last day for temp checks.


It’s big change after being in pandemic mode for over a year!

I went to the movies last weekend to see Raya and the Last Dragon (HIGHLY recommend btw!) and the theater had some people but we were all very socially distanced and I am fully vaccinated. I had some of my popcorn and soda…then put my mask back on because I just felt weird without it. :joy: It’s going to take a while to adjust to post-pandemic life!


Yup. And just as you can tell who lived through the Depression, they will be able to recognize us for decades by the lingering behavior we will display. And they will whisper behind us, “Oh, she lived through the Pandemic…”


You know it! :joy:


My primary beef with this decision is the lack of notice. We are here right now- the rules for today & tomorrow are totally different. They should have given some advance notice for those who might not feel comfortable with the change.


I said the same thing on another thread. I’m sure there are people/families who felt comfortable going to UOR/WDW because of the masking requirements in place. To have them lifted with no notice? They don’t even have time to source N95 or other protective level masks if you want to argue that they are still free to wear masks…cloth masks are to protect others, not yourself (although they do provide some benefit).


I agree, I’m sooo sorry


Absolutely a fair point.


We personally are all right. Both fully vaccinated (we waited to travel until then). But I imagine there are other guests who will feel differently. 12 hours notice is not sufficient.

I likely won’t take the trip with my kids this summer that I just started planning. All are too young for vaccines. And I just don’t trust the majority of the public.


I’m sorry. I was not surprised when UOR announced it so quickly, but am shocked that Disney did the same with no warning. I honestly think they did it because they feared a huge number of cancellations this weekend for the next few months (for people who want the mask requirement- at least outside- to go away). They didn’t want to lose all those bookings to UOR, so acted quickly. I’m really sorry it happened during your trip though.


Absolutely a fair point @BoilerMomPharmD. I just told my kids and my dad (we’re here now too) and we are all elated!!! My mom will be very frustrated by the news though as she choose NOT to come because of masking requirements but would have been here if these changes had been made a week ago.


I’ve been afraid of something like this happening right before my trip. I’m fine with the outdoor change. It’s the optional masks outside + no more distancing + increasing capacity without opening more things and extending hours that have me just becoming overwhelmed with dread about my trip in 8 days.


In case anybody was wondering about the Cast Members…for now they still have to wear a mask outdoors. I wonder if that might be due to union negotiations. I assume this will also change at some point soonish.


I tell you what, I’m still wearing a mask outdoors in downtown Knoxville, TN, and if Disney brings back parades or fireworks, I’ll still wear masks outdoors at WDW. I just – there are so many people who deny science these days. Maybe I’m just nervous because I live in a very “conservative” place where people don’t wear masks and rail against vaccinations, but just because I’m vaccinated doesn’t mean everyone’s safe. There are still variants out there. And I don’t want to catch 'em.


This. We left disney on March 8 2020 after a perfect and amazing trip, and then the world changed. when I heard disney was actually closing, that’s when I knew things were real.


I am so happy we are getting back to normal. My heart goes out to people who are there now or having trips soon who are not comfortable with this. I think it’s a good balance to keep masks indoors. I have very mixed feelings about it. Happy masks are starting to go away but also thinking about my young kids.


I honestly had no idea cast members were union. But my thought is that most companies will want to still require masks, at least for public-facing employees, for quite awhile. One of those keeping up appearances things, if for no other reason. I have a public facing job and have already been informed I’m remaining masked indefinitely irrespective of vaccination status.

Personally, I’m fully comfortable shedding the mask at any time and will always do so given the option. That said, I will carry one and be ready to wear it at a moment’s notice if any place I enter requires it or if I can tell I’m in a heavily masked environment and I don’t want to make others feel nervous or uncomfortable. I really hope, as a society, the people who choose to de-mask are respectful of those who make different choices. And vice-versa. This shift to normalcy is going to be very gradual. Different people in different situations will move at different paces. I hope we’re all prepared to be adults about it


I have a friend who is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and she has been in tears since the news broke. It’s too late to pull the plug now and she is so stressed and riddled with anxiety. I agree it’s very rash to change the rules with no notice. She had to agree to these precautions when booking and that made her feel comfortable going, but now they pulled the rug out from under her.


I’m there with you. Hugs.

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I am seriously considering calling tomorrow to try and get a refund.