Breakfeast/Lunch Overalap at Hollywood and Vine

We have a 10:15 breakfast reservation at Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood Studios. The breakfast meal features Disney Jr characters. We usually spend about an hour and a half at character meals.

According to the Disney website, lunch starts at 11:20. Also lunch and dinner features a different set of characters (Mickey/Minnie and the gang). So will we be able to meet both sets of characters? Has anyone had any experience with this?

We are on the DDP so even if they charge us for lunch instead of breakfast it’s all just 1 credit. Even if we were not on the DDP this would still be a good value because I would take out the Check Mickey meal since we will already have seen both the Disney Jr characters and the Minnie/Mickey characters.

Any experiences would be appreciated.

I do not know the answer but I’m interested as well. We also have a H&V reservation around the same time as yours.

I would love to know the answer to this! We have only ever done early breakfast there!

You’ll be able to meet both sets of characters, and get both the breakfast and lunch foods from the buffet. Since your reservation is for a time when breakfast is served, that the price you’d pay if you weren’t on the DDP. :slight_smile:

Well now I’m rethinking my entire plan! haha this is great! Off to book Hollywood and Vine! :slight_smile:

I think I remember a recent post where someone stated that they did not get to meet both sets of characters only the breakfast characters. I couldn’t find it when I searched though. It would make sense to me that you would only get to meet one set of characters as it probably takes 45 minutes to an hour for the characters to make their rotation around the dining room.

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That could make sense if you were at the end of the rotation. Perhaps you could see them but it could take up to an hour for them to get to you. I was under the impression that periodically the rotation stops and the charters do a parade/dance with the children. So perhaps children could do that if the family does not want to wait for the rotation. I would lover to read that post if you find it.

I was curious about this same thing! Its unique as it is the only character meal where they characters switch between meals, yet there isn’t a buffer (like 1900 Park Fare).


There seems to be a buffer in reservation times but the restaurant does not clear out during this time. The last breakfast reservation is a 10:15. The website lists breakfast as being from 8-10:20. The first lunch reservation is at 11:20. I have read that is you are late for your breakfast reservation they can make you wait until they start seating lunch guests. So if this plan is going to work you have to show up ON TIME to your reservation.

But you know the mouse always wins so they may have devised a way to keep people from seeing both characters, but possible not. It may not be worth their time and effort to prevent this. I don’t know that’s why I was hoping for some actual experiences. I can’t believe I am the first come to come up with this idea. I have certainly read about people eating from breakfast and lunch buffets, but this is the only restaurant were characters change, so I don’t know how that would work.

The way the restaurant is set up I guess they could seat true lunch reservations on the opposite side as the breakfast ones until breakfast people clear out. They could keep Micky and crew on the lunch side until all clear on the other side I guess. I can’t imagine this wouldn’t result in kids crying to see Mickey and the gang after seeing them walking around the restaurant though. Especially since the Disney Jr crowd is typically pretty young and you’re not exactly able to reason with them. Just my two cents though.

So it may depend on where you are seated. How is the restaurant set up? Perhaps requesting a seat in the middle might be best?

From what I can tell having different characters for breakfast and lunch is new. In the past Minnie’s seasonal dine was dinner only. Now it has expanded to lunch and dinner. So this is a very unique and new situation. I hope we can capitalize on it and squeeze out some extra value from this meal experience,

You’ll be able to meet both sets of characters, and get both the breakfast and lunch foods from the buffet. Since your reservation is for a time when breakfast is served, that the price you’d pay if you weren’t on the DDP.

I think you are right, but I am wondering if this comment is based on your actual experience?

We had a Pre Park Opening reservation for Hollywood and vine but in order to beat the rope drop crowd we would need to head out by 8:35-8:40. It seems like would be rushing the meal. So I have decided that a later breakfast would be better especially if the possibility exited to see both sets of characters.

If you’re going after TSL opens, there may not be such a thing as PPO breakfasts for awhile. It seems they are going to morning EMH every day for awhile. Now that may change depending on how TSL is received and the crowds, but…changing was likely wise due to TSL changing the timing of everything as well…

We go in late August and by that time the daily morning EMH will have stopped and the park hours are posted as 9-9 without EMH on the day we plan to attend. Of course, I realize that could change.

So looking at this picture, it probably a good idea to not be seated near the windows,

It looks like you could easily be ignored if you were sitting by the windows.

If I remember correctly from the last time we ate there, there were two identical sides and you enter in the middle of the restaurant. I may be wrong about that too… I’ll try to look for more pics.

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I believe my memory was correct. There are two buffets - one on each side of the restaurant. I’m betting when it gets close to the end of breakfast they seat remaining breakfast reservations on one side and the lunch reservations on the other. But you can easily see characters walking around on the other side which is why I figured it would upset any little ones if Mickey never actually came over to the breakfast side.

I have never been to this restaurant but I have been to several character buffets at Disney and have never encountered two buffets. There have always been several stations in a central area. Of course I have never been to this buffet so you could certainly be correct. Our reservation is for 10:15 and if you alot for the time it takes to be seated, go to bathroom, and wash hands. (By the way I read that the restaurant shares a bathroom with 50s prime time café which can create a line at times.) it’s likely that we will still be there when lunch starts at 11:20. So I will try it, and if it doesn’t work out to see Minnie and Mickey then we had a nice breakfast with Disney jr characters. If it looks like we will not meet the characters but the kids can see I will explain that we have an appointment to meet Minnie and Mickey at another day. My kids are pretty reasonable (they were not always that way).

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