Booking Savi’s & Tours from the UK

Can anyone from the U.K. help with this?

DS and a friend are coming over in September and staying onsite. ADR booking went well and they got everything they wanted. They’ve also tried booking a tour and Savi’s using a vpn but have found they’re not getting the +10 option.

Not sure if they’ve tried both the app and the website. Is there anything else they need to do?


There was a recent post about needing to use the us site via a VPN. That might help. Link below.


I’d already told him to use a vpn, which seemed to be working.

The problem is that they’re not seeing dates after the exact 60 day mark.

Their reservation is linked OK and the 60+10 works for dining.

@hodg did you get plus 10 when you booked Savis?

I’m not sure if it has to be booked exactly at 60 days and you don’t get the extra.

Hi. No we definitely had the 60+ Length of stay tho I think I booked for day 3 anyway

Without vpn you cannot see the savis bookings at all from the U.K. but it all appeared as normal with it.
I can also see MB selections when using the vpn.

I used cyber ghost as suggested by @stustaff- I logged out but left it on my phone & everything glitched- could get online, no wifi, no WhatsApp. Removed the app and magically cleared.
I’ll put it back on or use pc to pick MBs.

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@Nicky_S email me if I can help! I’m happy to book for them!

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The +10 was not showing up for me on my phone in the app either. But it did after I logged out of the app and back in. I had to do that each day.

A computer browser didn’t have this problem.

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I did mine from the app on my phone as I woke up on my day 60- so about 5.30am or 12.30am EST. Opened up all our 10 days ok.
I did use pc for all the ADRs later that day.

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Did you get it sorted @Nicky?

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So I saw DS today.

I’d phoned him last night with the advice that was posted. Today was his 60 day for the second part of the split stay (I got him a resort studio at GFV for a couple of nights), and he managed to book Keys to the Kingdom and Savi’s.

He used his laptop with a vpn, which is what he tried before for Savi’s. So he thinks maybe it was a genuine glitch when he tried previously.

So thanks for all the advice Liners. They now have all the dining and experiences they were wanting!


Glad it was sorted in the end.

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