Booking Events and access tip Board from UK - VPN set up to avoid long phone calls

Below is a guide for those in the UK or other countries to allow you to use ALL of the online booking for your WDW trip and not have to make those long phone calls!

Like others in the UK I was frustrated that trying to book certain things online just didn’t work! Its almost 2 years ago that I tried to book Savi Lightsaber experience for my son and couldn’t do it online. I had to call to book over the phone and the CM acknowledged that it was a system issue and you couldn’t book online from the UK.

Thats STILL the case… and you also cant view the Tip Board on the app if your in the UK.

So I started to experiment turns out you can view and book everything if you trick WDW into thinking your in the USA. ( I have no idea why UK is blocked in the first place!)

So enough Talk here is the guide for iPhone and coming later one for the website.

If you go on the app from an iPhone in the UK and go to the Tip Board this is what you get:-

If you try and book an experience (Savi, Droid Building, Some special events e.g H20 nights) Then you get this for ever and have to manually quit the app:-

Not good! To stop this issue and have it all work you need a VPN, this will make WDW think you are in the USA! I use Cyberghost (one week free trial or 8.99 a month) time it right so you can make your bookings during one period of charges, there are free VPN available and I will show one of those in my web browser example coming soon.

Install the app and say yes to all of the permissions, then open the app and select USA and press the ‘on’ button:-

Now force close the WDW app and restart it and Voila:-

and I can book that Lightsaber session.

Thats it really :slight_smile: a long post but a fairly simple fix and made things a lot easier for our upcoming trip…

But… WHY Disney Why??


I think even I could probably manage that!

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I Hope so :slight_smile: if you use Chrome browser thats also very simple and permanently free, ill do a quick guide for that too today if work finally quietens down :smiley:


Thank you!

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Thankyou for posting this!

It is ridiculous we should have to do it in the first place. I’ve just seen someone elsewhere saying they couldn’t even book park reservations as a U.K. AP holder. They had to call, have the CM book them and now of course the park reservations can’t be changed.

One question @stustaff…. (okay, maybe more than one)

  1. Are there free versions you can use on a iPhone?
  2. I usually use the website not the app, but I use my iPad to access the website. Should I be trying to follow your iPhone instructions or the browser ones to follow?

Yes its pretty bad.
There are free VPN providers but I havent tested them all, personally I would use a paid one with a free trial then just cancel and get another one as needed most of the things you need the VPN to book are not things you will be doing for a prolonged period.

Following the above guide with an iPad and then using a browser for bookings would also work yes.

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So here is the guide for Chrome with a FREE VPN

first in chrome go to - Chrome Web Store and search for ‘setupvpn’
select it and choose ‘Add to Chrome’

Now in chrome at the top right click on the little VPN logo

and select USA

and connect and you should see

now back in chrome go to the USA Disneyworld site NOT UK

Now log in and make your bookings etc!

If you arent using a VPN you just get this:-

Once the VPN is on you can get this

and then do this

Hope this is helpful to someone :slight_smile:
let me know if any questions.


Thanks @stu!

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No problem

Amazing - thanks!

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