Booking on points from this and that

I was poking around (now that I finally got all our DVC issues resolved) with what it looks like to try to book a trip.

I hit one snafu…so I just want to confirm whether this can be avoided/gotten around by trying to book over the phone.

So, here’s the situation. I have 60 points for a June 2022 use year, and then 125 points for a September 2022 use year, both for SSR. I pretended to book a trip in early September when both sets of points are valid now.

When I selected the dates, it calculated that I’d need about 90 points. So, I first selected the 60 points to use, thinking that I’d then be allowed to pay for the remaining 30 using the 125…but instead, it ONLY gave me the option to pay for the remain 30 by borrowing.

Now, in this example, obviously I could have booked using the 125 points instead…but in reality for our December trip, we need ALL of our points (plus we’ll end up borrowing a few).

So, my question is will Member Services be able to book by pulling points from both pools of points for the same reservation? I hope so, because otherwise I’ll end up having to make several SEPARATE reservations to ensure I can use all my points.

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You can’t split a night between two contracts. You’ll need to make different reservations if you are using different contracts. Afterwards Member Services can link them though so you don’t need to move rooms.

Oh, okay. A bit annoying, but I guess it is what it is!

Yep, pretty much sums it up! You will also need to do the reservation over two days because you book the first X days first and then go back X days later to book the second half.

Yep. I figured as much. I’m glad we are booking at SSR, since I don’t have to worry about someone booking up the room we wanted in the meantime.

Fortunately, after this trip, all the points will be from a single contract, so it shouldn’t be so tricksy.


What? I’m not following. I have 3 contracts at 2 different resorts and for most of my trips have booked by using points in whatever combination I want from whichever contract I choose.

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Really? Hmm. I will have to play around with it more. I wasn’t given the option.

Okay. Interesting. I tried from my phone, and it let me. When I did it on my desktop, it didn’t.

Well, in either case I think I know how to manage it now.

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So you don’t need this screenshot?

Yes. But when I selected the first contract to use points from, it wouldn’t let me select from the second and would only allow me to borrow points.

But using the phone, I could select more than on contract.

I will try again tomorrow on the computer with a different browser.

The points they loaded to your account are a different UY. If you actually had those two UYs they would be under two different membership numbers. I don’t think the system is designed to allow them to be combined?

The points were transferred to us, so it is the same membership number, just different contracts.

Right but if I was going to add another contract with a different UY, it would show up under a different membership number- even if I am the owner of both contracts.

Transferred points retain the original resort/UY and I don’t think they can mix?

I have one membership number, but both use years show up under my account.

I understand but the transferred points retain their restrictions.

I was going to tag @Nickysyme for help, or to correct me/ but I see her posting!

I’ll look at this tomorrow @ryan1 . I know I’ve read about this and I think the key is how you go in and book.

When you go to the DVC website, there are two methods to book, only one of which allows you to select more than one contract.

I always go to the Plan Vacation tab at the top and then Book a Vacation from the drop down menu. I think there’s another way where you check availability and then go to book.

I’ll see if I can find it tomorrow if you haven’t managed to do it by then.:relaxed:

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Transferred points retain their use year but if you can see them you should be able to use them.

I only have one contract, but I do know there are 2 ways you can book, only one of which allows you to select more than one contract.

But it’s way past my bedtime! :joy:

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It could only be 9 months out if you are using both? Since there are three months between the UYs?

The 125 points were originally a 2021 UY. Once they were transferred, first thing I did was bank them to 2022 UY. So, I have 185 pts in the 2022 UY…60 from June and 125 from September. So, to try out the process I pretended to book a trip in September, which is less than 11 months.

Anyhow, on the phone it was going to let book using points from both contracts. On the website from my computer, it didn’t. I will try again tomorrow.