Booking on points from this and that

From a Disboards thread:

“If they are the same resort but different UYs, you have to call MS to transfer the points from one membership to the other in order to combine them. The points will retain their separate UY, but MS should be able to book the reservation for you once the points have transferred. You will not be able to book online using the transferred points but since they would be the same resort, you would retain the 11-month booking advantage for your home resort.”

According to this you would need to call to book but it is possible.

Although that seems like old info:

But is there sometimes a resale booking glitch?


If you can see the points online you can book with them online. The recent-ish changes means transferred points can usually be seen online now.

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I think I figured it out, and @PrincipalTinker is spot on.

Because you have two use years, you have two memberships. The other reason for having multiple memberships is different names on the deeds.

And because it’s two memberships the following applies:

Subject to one exception: (a) points in one use year cannot be combined with those in another use year to make a single reservation, and (b) a reservation made with one use year’s points cannot be modified in any way by using points from another use year.

The only exception is to transfer points from one use year to the other, which, if done, allows the points from both use years to be used to make or modify a single reservation. Nevertheless, only current use year points can be transferred, not banked or borrowed points.

If you do that you might be able to book online.

The discrepancy between what some Liners have done and this is the multiple memberships. If you have multiple contracts with the same use year and therefore under a single membership, you can use all the points as one big pot and pick which contract you want the points to come from.
For example, you can use all banked points first from all the contracts, and then use current points for one specific one. Or you could use all points from one contract.

I need to look and see if I can find the info about the two ways to book though. But that only applies if you have a single membership, so not applicable to @ryan1.

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So, based on that, perhaps the difference was the order so was choosing the points. I will play with it.

The the transferred points, I then banked. (Technically, I had member service bank them…they said you can’t bank transferred points on line, but you can book using them on line…but they can bank them for me, which I did.

Anyhow, I think when I tried the first booking on the desktop, I selected my 60 pts, which are not banked points. Perhaps this is why it wouldn’t let me then use the banked points to complete the reservation. The second time I tried from my phone, but I selected the 125 points first, and it let me then use the 60 pts. I thought it was being on a phone instead of desktop, but it makes more sense if you have to use banked points first.

I will experiment now and report back.

Well, no. I guess not. On my phone, it didn’t matter which order I picked, it let me do it regardless.

ETA: Now, then…went back to my desktop and tried…and now it is working fine! Hmm. All I can figure, then, is there was a temporary glitch at play, because when I first tried on the desktop, when I selected one contract to pay with, it would NOT let me select the second one. But now it does. So, I guess there is no issue whatsoever.

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It is letting you combine them at 9 months out?

10 months? I tried a reservation the week of September 19.

I am trying to think through the time gap in the UYs. You will want to do December so it won’t matter?

That’s correct. it was why we agreed to the Sept UY points to begin with. It still worked well for our plans.

I’m confused. They’re the same resort, use year isn’t important for when you book. It’s the date of the reservation that matters.

What makes you think he can’t combine them earlier than 7 months?

I am not thinking that. I was wondering about the time gap with the different UYs but it works for him. June, July, and August bookings would not work?

Oh, you mean because they’re banked so need to be used in sept 2022 use year?


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Ohhhhh. I understand now.

I learn something new here all the time. Thanks so much for this.