Booking is currently unavailable. We’re working to restore availability as soon as possible. Please check back later

I’m hitting refresh, trying to be one of the first to grab a room for 2023. Who knows if we’ll get many sales next year, so I’m trying to buy a standard room at the Contemporary.

Looks like sales are imminent. Just can’t quite purchase yet.

Does/did booking open at midnight?

Yes, exactly at midnight I could see the new rates posted.


Woke up to pee and was finally able to book. Hurray!


Down for me, I can get as far as cart, but as soon as I checkout, nada.

The whole place is not going to sell out in the first day. I promise you this.

Everyone rushing in is crashing the system.

Take a deep breath and relax. It’s going to be okay.


Can you only book through October? I tried booking in November and can’t?

Yes, max days out for trip END is 499 days.

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Gotcha! Ok, I will have to wait to book. Thanks girl~

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My pleasure :wink:

I got resort prices to come up briefly and it looks like next year they are up about 25%? Anyone else see this

I don’t know, had a screen shot of prices for CBR cart, room only. Then site went down on me. It was $120 more for 10 nights than 2022 prices.

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I had a screen of prices at 7:15am (CST). Then I went to filter the results and everything went away. Now it’s no availability at any hotel no matter what criteria / dates I pick.

I’m sure it’s a first day glitch, but what a PITA. I’m sorry to keep humble bragging about UOR, but WDW makes it too hard to even book.

When I booked my impromptu August trip yesterday, I sincerely looked at WDW and DLR. By the time I had gone through the booking & reservation process I was so frustrated that I just quit trying and stuck with my Universal AP.

It’s not even that the process is hard or confusing. It’s just tedious and then I get nickel & dimed at check-out with add-ons that, IMHO, don’t “feel” optional.

I still, potentially, want to go to DLR next December. I will definitely be using a TA! It doesn’t have to be this hard!!


I’m giving serious consideration to bumping up to a TPV for August - with the D+ deal it’s the lowest I’ve seen in a while and I doubt I’ll ever see it that low again. I’m just struggling to pull the trigger - it’s another $1000 more than AKL, and that’s a lot of food or money towards another trip. I’m gonna hold off until I am ready to make final payment and if it’s still there make the call then. I’d rather keep my AKL until I’m sure than change but then lose even that if I change my mind.

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oh so no new deals appeared today, just the booking windows opened? I thought there was going to be fall or winter deals (maybe, oh i don’t know, something for AP holders).



You give the booking platform and Disney IT far too much credit in thinking it could handle so much on the same morning.


Ditto. I hope that they show up in July when the other set of deals expires.

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July is more typically when fall incentives are released. I have managed many re-bookings while on vacation at the beach :wink:


Why not book it and then you can cancel or modify once you’ve had time to decide? There’s a good chance the room I booked will have to be pushed back depending on my job. But I always see the Standard view sold out for Contemporary so I decided to book early just in case :slight_smile:

Sorry to get your hopes up! I’m just excited cuz it’s been too long since I’ve been to Disney or even planned a trip!