Bog 8/20/18 -?

180 day window opened today and it appears that there is no availability at Be Our Guest for breakfast, lunch, or dinner 8/20 onward. There was limited availability on 8/19/18

Edited to add “Dinner” is now gone when searching as is any time after 2:30

Something is going on with BOG and nobody is quite sure what it is at this point. Hang in there.

I would setup a reservation finder on Touring Plans for what you want at BOG though so as soon as the system opens up, you’ll be notified. Better safe than sorry…

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Your 180 day window starts tomorrow, not today. It is strictly 180 days, not six months.

EDIT: Try checking other places (e.g. 50’s Prime Time Cafe), same problem. It’s not BOG specific.

Everything else is open, today is my 180 day for 8/19/18.

I found on another board that this is exclusive to BOG Monday 8/20 through Friday 8/24. Reservations can be made on Sunday 8/19 and Saturday 8/25.

Ah, I had a bad interpretation of your original post. I thought you were saying your 180 days open up today for 8/20. I did not know you meant you were looking at 180+ days.

I just made my 180 day DDR’s and had a heck of a time getting them made. Web would not let me book the 10 day period but rather only a day at a time. Finally had to book via Disney phone Dinning Reservations. CM told me I could not book BOG in August yet because they had not opened the dates up yet. That’s why your getting all booked up in August. This is for Dinner and not Breakfast or Lunch. You should be able to book Breakfast or Lunch and if not they are truly booked at this time. Understandable as they go fast but using Res finder you will have no problem as the date gets closer. Also someone stated that using the Disney App is another way to make the 10 day window work. I tried it and it works like a charm.

Here it is

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Thank You!

I wonder what signature dinner means for breakfast and lunch?

I am hoping more more info soon!