ADR - Aug. 24th - MNSSHP - BOG?

So I’m a bit confused. I understand that ADR opens for BOG post-change today… sometime. The issue I am currently having is that there are no dining options available for any of the in-park restaurants in MK this entire day?

Am I correct in assuming there should be ADR’s available for most, if not all, restaurants in the park? Where have they gone? We plan to attend the MNSSHP but not having tickets yet should not preclude us from making ADR’s for pre-party times?

I called the dining hotline and the CSR agent could not provide me any details as to why no dining options were even selectable to search. She just said, i’m sorry, there are no dining times available, as if there was nothing wrong with the reservation system. Dining is just not an option on the website. On the app, dining is an option but returns no results. When I use the filter option, I choose MK, table service, 4 people, 24-AUG-2018… not a single restaurant with a single time slot open? This is hard for me to believe.

Anybody know something I have yet to experience?


I do not see that wdw has loaded the park hours for that day? If it is a MNSSHP date, last year they released dinner ADRs when they announced those dates?

It’s the exact same thing for August 21st. If you trick the web page and go to a date DINNER is available in the drop down and then manually change the date and click search… it clearly says there are no tables available between 4:00 and 6:00 pm… so it’s clear to see that’s a blocked off date. But yeah, I am unable to make any ADR’s for MK on the 24th due to this.

So what you say must be true… maybe? They announced the hours for August 21st and the park closes at 6pm. Yet, dining reservations are closed for dinner for all restaurants in MK.

Maybe they’re waiting to announce the “official dates” for the MNSSHP before they open dining up for ADR’s?

This makes sense, kinda.

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I know they were loading times for BOG into the system Day by day today.

As far as I remember from last year, in order to book dinner on a party night you had to book through a special dining page. Possibly to prevent people booking dinner and then complaining because they weren’t able to go if they didn’t get party tickets.

My guess is they won’t open dinner bookings for party nights until they confirm the dates. Then they’ll open the special dining page. A bit like the Candlelight Processional dining packages.

Closed that week for all meals for some reason

Yeah, most likely it has to do with MNSSHP and it not officially being announced. I believe you’ll see this on August 21st and 24th to begin with… Once that’s announced, it may be something similar to what Nickysyme said above, a special dining page for the special event those nights.

BOG is closed for refurbishments this week. It has been confirmed by CM. It’s the entire week all meals

ETA I had a 7 pm reservation for BOG on a party night 2017 before they announced party dates.

That’s a bummer! What timing. :slight_smile:

For some reason the forum is giving me a hard time trying to respond to your post…

You must have booked your dinner before they shut them all down and only allowed through the special party link?

Exactly what happened last year. I was able to make reservation at 180+ last year. After parties were announced you need to go through special bookings because of MNSSHP. I suspect it was allowed because it coincided with start of party. It was the earliest I could get when I booked.

Here is new about BOG closure

I wanted lunch or breakfast during the closure so I am not thrilled either.

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It is so weird they would close for a week AFTER the change.

I couldn’t agree more. It makes me suspect further changes coming…

BTW I think we were there the same time last August if my memory is correct. Last week of August, I think we went to the same MNSSHP.

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Yes! I have done that the last two years!

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This is our first MNSSHP. We can’t wait. It was purely coincidental though. It was a pleasant surprise to find out this was happening during our trip. We were just going down at this time as to avoid the kids missing school. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback everybody. It is unfortunate that BOG will be closed but I’m sure we’ll figure a way to survive. :wink:


It was purely coincidental last year for us and our first MNSSHP.

Party time is precious so I would not plan a TS again during a party. Just something to think about.

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