Boardwalk Standard Studio - October

Here I am again two years later trying to stretch my Boardwalk points for a fall stay. I have 62 points available and believe it or not 4 nights (2 weekend and 2 weeknight) is exactly 62 points but only in a standard studio. For the past two mornings my nights are available at 7:59 and then gone by the time I go to book. I’m currently looking at Oct 18-22.

Do we think this is a virtual queue type gone in a flash situation or are people walking? I have the 18 and 19 waitlisted right now and I will try again tomorrow. Those are the weekend nights so I did think they would be harder.

Here’s the rub, Columbus Day weekend is available? I could switch my dates to the 11-15 for the same amount of points. Should I just do it? I’m pulling my kids from school and I guess it would be nice to use that day off but I was trying to go during a lower crowd week. Ugh. Help! (We will stay the whole week but I have to book the 22-26 at 7 months.)



I think people are walking toward Wine and Dine (editorial comment: walking sucks)

I think a waitlist will come through - and I think you should make it for the whole thing, even as I see your reasoning about the 18-19th.

I would book Columbus Day weekend right now, and redo your waitlist to replace that reservation with the other. I would stalk like heck (especially over the next few days while walkers pass through :roll_eyes: and I am 100% confident that either you or the waitlist will get you moved to your desired dates.

Also, can you borrow from the next use year? Because you could make that work too to pick up the single day. It’s a lot of rigmarole - and then you have to bank that number of points forward to replace what you’ve borrowed and that could mess up your future booking. But it might be useful so you could snag the single day at 0759:59 when it pops up, and then modify your other reservation accordingly.


If the rooms are opening up behind you then it’s walking. In which case grab the previous days until they’ve walked on past.

But from that chart it seems the previous days haven’t opened up yet. It could be they do in a couple of days though. I say hold on and see what happens in the next few days.


I had the same experience when I wanted 4 nights at the end of June 2024 (56 points). I was able to book it 4 days later (before 8am).

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Ok thank you for the optimism friends!

I believe I have done as instructed… I have no more points to borrow unfortunately the 62 includes full borrowing. I guess I’m lucky to have 62 and not 50 because of the borrowing restriction during my trip last year. So I’ll be a tiny bit thankful.

I’m not fully against going over Columbus Day, it looks like the Sunday is the really busy day and we could do that as a pool day. So I will keep that in mind. I just find it so odd that that weekend is fully open for booking. Saturday is also Yom Kippur and I’m not sure what that does to school schedules either.

Hopefully all of this will not be in vain when I’m desperate to get a DVC cabin in March :rofl:

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When I grabbed my standard studio (after the walkers), I had set up a waitlist. I got the dates before the waitlist.

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Ok I will check each morning! Did you just book one day at a time?

No, I waited. I has enough points for the preferred view (and BW view opened too) but I could see the walkers and knew it would be available.

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This is what Inl would do too, so it sounds like you are in good shape.

FWIW, I set up a 3 day AKL value waitlist at 10 months and it came through.

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And that room is a unicorn

I have a 7:59 tip for you. I zoom out on my computer screen so it is teeny tiny. And every field I need to click on is visable on the screen, no scrolling. This means that at the 8:00 mark when I go to click to book, there is no scrolling just click, click, click. I have had really good success with this - including a 7 month VGC at Spring Break.

Especially now that one of the resale markets always has one or two of them as dedicated rentals - every single day of the year.

But in a different group someone mentuoned they have really good luck with AKV value on the waitlist, so I figured why not try? To your point, I feel even better about the BWV standard chances!


Ok, night one down! I think I’ve redone the next appropriate waitlists as well. We’ll see what happens in the morning.


Any update for today?

No luck today! The 20th was actually gone well before 8am at 7:50 when I logged in to check. But I picked up the 18th at like 9pm last night so I’ll just keep checking throughout the day I guess!



Making progress! I guess I am just a day behind the walkers?

I assume I should modify the waitlist now?



Today’s availability for posterity.

I saw there is availability…

So I don’t think walkers are involved any longer, maybe?

ETA: I thought you were going to BWV. Maybe not?

I am going to BWV but I need only a Standard to squeeze my points!

Oh, right. Duh. :grin:

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