Blue Bayou Reservation- Christmas week

Anyone have any tips on how to snag a reservation at Blue Bayou week of Christmas? I got on at 6am right at 60 days with no luck? Are dining alerts the only answer?

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Keep checking. They don’t drop all reservations at 60 days at DLR unfortunately. They load them in random batches. It should come up soon.

Thank you!

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DLR dining has been ridiculously tight though. I saw a whole vlog about it. There has been zero movement since my 60 days mark. All that is consistently available is some Terrace place and also Tortilla Jo’s? So that makes me wonder just how bad those places are :laughing:

I have been stalking a change to my Napa Rose multiple times a day since my 60 day, as well as Oga’s and there is never anything open.

But, all we can do is try!

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Also the vlog did mention that it seems part of the issue is the Magic Key situation, which makes sense. You can do dining at 60 days, but you don’t always know yet if you can get a park ressie. So you better grab something just in case.

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The terrace place is maybe Magic Key Terrace? So only available to Magic Key holders. Might explain the availability being higher there. I’m trying it in a couple of weeks, so I hope it’s not bad! Now Tortilla Joe’s … might not be that great? I’ve only eaten there once a long time ago and wasn’t super excited by it.

Man, I saw Napa Rose this morning available for 12/27! However, we are going with teens who had their heart set on Blue Bayou. I also see the River Belle terrace constantly. I do wonder if the hotel guests get earlier access to dining?? At least I have heard Oga’s same day wait line does work periodically…

Nope. It’s something else. Sunshine? Rainbow?

I was trying everyday for reservations for my trip November 7-10. I couldn’t believe everything was gone that fast … and it really wasn’t. It was well past the 60 day mark (maybe 10 days or more?) when reservations suddenly dropped for Oga’s. I wasn’t trying for Blue Bayou, so can’t speak to that, but just keep checking everyday!


River Belle Terrace


I’ve been trying for 56 days to get a Blue Bayou reservation. In that time I’ve only seen one(!) but it was before we can park hop so I had to pass. But man I did some thinking about changing my plans just to snag it. Of course the need to take something in part because it’s hard to come by is how my “day trip” became an overnight in a 1 bdrm which then became 2 nights in a 2 bdrm… :joy:


I know this habit too well!!! I will keep trying and hoping as well.

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On another board, people rave about Tortilla Joe’s. IDK.

When you say you get on right at 6am I hope that means you are on the East Coast? Reservations drop at 3am PST. I have been on at 3am precisely the last two morning for our days after Christmas trip, and I saw Blue Bayou, Oga’s, and Lamplight Lounge available after I booked Storytellers Cafe Dinner (my teenagers say it’s not a vacation without a buffet lol) and I was just playing around to see what was available. Try again in the morning if your trip extends to 12/28. I wish you luck!!

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Really?? I am PST so I didn’t realize it was 3am. MAN I will have to try that again!

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Damn I’m so sorry! I wish I had a screen share of me doing it that I could send to you. But basically I get on the app at 2:58am, type the restaurant I want in the “search”, click on it and “reserve dining”. Enter your party size and then choose your date. Even though it’s NOT 3:00 yet the date will show “available” so you can click on it. But if you try to select a time it will say “error occurred”. Anyway, select the date and scroll over to the time you want. Hover your finger right over that time until the clock on your phone says 3:00, then punch it! Confirm as quickly as you possibly can. Do not enter food allergies, call after to add those on if you need to.

Oh and if you have multiple hard to get reservations that you are trying for, have them loaded on separate devices so that you don’t have to “search, select party, choose time” all over again. Get through those steps before 3:00 and be ready to push the time and confirm on all of your reservations one after the other, starting with highest priority.

3am? Are you 100% sure of that?

I wasn’t able to do them until 9am EST (6am PST) on the first day I tried. I know because I did try to log in earlier at work and couldn’t do it.

Maybe the system was glitching - god knows it does - but I think the 3am thing only makes sense when a Cali person is making WDW reservations - then that holds true.

Per my TA (and her boss) it is definitely 6am Eastern.

And per another forum they have been getting better at releasing them on time.

The one exception is the Napa Rose Chef’s Counter which is the first day of 2 months out (or something like that) to THEIR phone only. So if I decided to try it for my February trip, I’d have to call on December 1.

(Now park reservations seem to be going live at 6 or 7am Pacific I have noticed as I’ve been booking those for the past 5 days.)

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We will definitely try the 3am. COFFEE IT IS. HAHA. Thank you all.

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