BLT 1BR question

So we just found out that we might be able to get a 1BR at BLT for our trip this fall. It’s me, DH, DD3, DD1, and my in-laws (mid-50’s). Am I crazy to consider booking us all into this villa? We would most likely take the bedroom & move the sleeper chair in there for our oldest, along with a sleeping bag or pack n play for our youngest (let’s be honest, they’ll probably both end up in our bed lol). That would leave my in-laws with the pull out couch. My concern is that for 7 nights it will not be comfortable for them. Granted the currently sleep on a 50yr old double bed in desperate need of replacing. Anway…

We get along really well, so I’m not really concerned about ‘escaping’ from each other. We will likely do some afternoons & evenings separately, so we won’t be together 24/7. I just don’t want them to end up miserable from an uncomfortable bed.

The room tour I watched looked spacious, at least compared to the AKL studio we had last year.

Anyway, it is more than we originally planned to spend, but the idea of walking to MK with 2 young kids is pretty much amazing.

I appreciate any advice!

You really aren’t meant to move the furniture around in the villas, although a bit of juggling is reasonable. The chair is pretty big and could easily scuff the doorway, which could well mean you being charged later. I’d use a blow up bed.

But I’m not sure they would be all that comfortable. I mean, my boys sleep on the sofa and sleeper chair, and they are adults now. But even so …

You may be able to request a mattress pad for the pull out if the one that’s on it is less than comfortable or is worn down.

Other than that, since the kids are still quite young, I think the space (the 2 bathrooms, kitchen and laundry) will work well.

We stayed at BLT last year, and I don’t believe there would be room in the bedroom for the foldout chair, even if you figured out how to move it.

That being said, being able to avoid Disney transportation to get to the Magic Kingdom is magical all by itself.

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What about this radical idea: you and DH take the fold-out bed so you can be near your children, and you let the in-laws take the bedroom? Seems like a simpler solution.


This, and also I could never ask my ILs to sleep on a pull out while I slept on a regular bed

Well mostly because everyone would have to go to bed at 8pm if we did that. I have no problem sleeping on a pull out couch, and would actually feel more comfortable as a host if they took the bed. But the kids would get woken up by the sounds of people going in and out of the room. And we would have nowhere to be once the kids went to bed.

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That makes sense.

2BR? :wink:

Lol, I wish. DH already has sticker shock! MVT has decent rates for POR in that time frame, but man it’s not BLT. We got totally spoiled by AKL last visit.

DH’s suggestion was that we all stay in a standard room at a deluxe together. :joy:

Have you looked at renting points?

When we went with my 1 year old son, we were all tired enough to go to bed at the same time!

Yeah this is with renting points. The 1BR i found is going to run $4200 for 7 nights. 2BR is significantly more.

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I can appreciate that.

I saw on chat you also were tossing around 2 rooms at SS. I would probably do that - no concerns around comfort

I’m just worried about being so far out. And the bus system doesn’t get great reviews there. Although being able to walk to Disney Springs sounds nice!

Those rooms are super expensive.

Ok, here are some things to consider.

Price, convenience, comfort.

For a slight inconvenience, I would look into renting a condo or even a house for the week for a fraction of the cost. You’d need a car/minivan but driving around Disney is so easy. With that you still won’t be anywhere near $4200.
In this scenario, you’ve got comfort and potentially a massive savings in cost.

I’m all for being in the bubble. We’ve had the good fortune to stay in a studio at BLT, but we only did a 4 night split stay because it was just so pricey. I’ll be blunt, except for MK, BLT is not convenient for the other parks at all.

I don’t want to complicate things. If you have your heart set on BLT, that’s great. If you are on the fence, just know there are other options. It’ll be a great vacation no matter what I’m sure.

I want to second this. I’m lucky in that I’m using a friend’s house for free, but I think it’s typical of the kind of property you could easily rent. It’s so private and relaxing and spacious. Driving to WDW was no big deal, and sometimes we used Uber and that worked out great, too.

Even I’m getting sticker shock at your room rate and I’m not even paying for it!

I am all for offsite but DH is not. I’m going to run the numbers one more time & see if I can convince him! That extra money could give us a 10-14 day trip easily. Or APs :heart_eyes:

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I think the Sheraton Vistana is less than a mile from Disney gates and only runs $150-200 a night for a 2-br sleeps 8 place. We are timeshare owners there (bought it from my mom, who bought it in 1998 but has only been back once since then due to a divorce and living in Alaska) and I remember it being so nice and so close. We’re not staying there on our upcoming trip because we found a 3-br place not much further away and have grandparents coming on this trip, but…it might be worth looking into. I think Mousesavers usually has a special there, too, if you check their newsletters…

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Thanks for the tip!

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We stayed at BLT with our son, daughter in law and granddaughter (18 months) last year. It is awesome to be within walking distance to the MK!!! We stayed in a 2 bedroom which was great as we tend to enjoy space such that we do not feel like we are on top of one another. I also use the kitchen (yes, I am one of those odd people who cooks while on vacation). If the 1 bedroom is what fits in your budget, it would be doable, just a little cozy. What about taking the mattress from the chair bed into the bedroom at night for your daughter and put it on the floor rather than attempting to move the entire chair. I’m assuming it is not fixed to the chair. Maybe someone else can confirm this. There really isn’t room for it and it is incredibly heavy. Just shifting it is challenging enough.
You could then put it back during the day allowing for more space, unless you plan to be out all day until bed time, in which case, it wouldn’t matter. With the age of your children, having the bedroom to be able to put them to sleep at night or a nap during the day is invaluable. 7 days is a long time to be totally out of their routine and having the 2 separate spaces and 2 bathrooms will make it much more enjoyable for everyone. Have a great trip!!