BLT 1BR question

BLT is our home resort, and we love it. And I think you would too. We always stay in the 1 bed room and make good use of the kitchen and washer & dryer.

I think the big question is about the ILs and the sofa bed. You may just have to ask them how they feel about it.

I think the mattress part of the chair is integral to the chair, not removeable. If the ILs are OK about the sofa bed, I have 2 suggestions:

  • could the 3yo not just sleep on the chair? Put her to bed in the bedroom and then, if you want to, carry her through when everyone is going to bed. Or just have her in yours, if you’re all used to that, which it sounds like you are.
    -or use the cushions off the sofa and chair and make a “bed” up in the bedroom. You’d have to move her of course, as above, if you want to actually use the sofa in the evening!

You could also look at 2 studios. Everyone would then have a sleeping space. You’d have use of the laundry room, but you wouldn’t have the kitchen.

Be prepared for the Fireworks. If your kids will wake up from someone walking into the room then they definitely will be awoken by the Fireworks. My DD6 and DD2 ended up in our bed when those started going off…every night.