Black Widow!

Saw it on IMAX at 5pm yesterday.

OMG!!! I know Marvel has done their movies out of order in the past, but this one definitely seemed an odd placement in releasing it AFTER Endgame. I’m sure there was a logical reason for that though…maybe?

It should go without saying for any Marvel movie (OK, really for any movie to acknowledge all the people involved), but STAY (OR WATCH) ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE CREDITS. You’ll want to for this one especially. A girl behind me said “Oooooohhhhhhh f*%&!!” (I don’t know how to blur) and everyone laughed.

Cannot wait to see it again on Saturday!!


I believe this will be my last Marvel movie and I have been waiting for it for fourteen months. She’s my favorite character.

I had to cancel my plans for tonight. :woman_facepalming:
Hoping tomorrow happens.

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Really? I was thinking of waiting until it came out for free on Disney+, but now I’m second guessing that based on your review. Sounds like a date night is in order for this weekend! Oh! Today is Friday! It is the weekend!


I really loved it. It is a fitting send off to an amazing character.

And it is a lot funnier in places than I expected it to be.

Florence Pugh is fabulous as well.

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Black Widow is my favorite Avenger but I was tempering my excitement so as not to be disappointed.

This movie was 100 times BETTER than I expected!

I am really appreciating how Phase 4 is spending more time in the emotions and relationships between the characters while still keeping great action and fight choreography.

Florence Pugh won me over. Her Yelena is the perfect sister and a fiercely equal match to Scarlett’s Natasha.

This is the prequel we needed, with fulfilling glimpses into the missing/mysterious parts of Natasha’s history. I only wish it could have come out in order, but it is truly better late than never.


So…I’ve seen several MCU movies but I haven’t seen any of the Avengers movies. Do I need to know anything before seeing Black Widow? Or am I fine to see it as a standalone? If there are any movies I should watch before this one please let me know!

(I plan on seeing all the MCU movies at some point but it’s a pretty big commitment lol)

I’m not the most up to date (I got into Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy), and I followed it fine. They hint at things that took place in other movies, but you don’t need to have seen them to follow what it happening since this focuses on her and her story.

I figured that was the case but I wanted to check. Thanks!

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Yeah - I think the solo character ones are a lot easier to one-off so to speak. There are things that make MORE sense if you know the whole story, but you don’t have to. I hadn’t watched Civil War yet (the one that timeline-wise comes right before this) - I knew enough to know there had been a rift in the Avengers in an earlier film (Civil War), but I didn’t have to really even know that in order to know what was going on because it was a minor point to what was going on in Black Widow.


I think it’s more fun to have watched the films in random order. I started with Antman. Then Guardians Vols 1 and 2 (I think). Then Infinity War. Mixed in next were some Thor - I think Ragnorak first, Capt America, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, an Ironman or two, Spidey Homecoming. Endgame.

Then, after Captain Marvel, I went back and watched them in order: Capt America, Capt Marvel, Ironman 1 & 2, etc, except for Hulk. Way fun to say, hey, I know what the problem in the southwest is!

Really looking forward to Black Widow. And Thor 4 (it is totally your ship) and Guardians vol 3, eventually.

My Marvel loving family members would be horrified! :rofl:

Around 2012/2013 my sister came to live with us for a while and mentioned in passing that she had never seen any of the Marvel movies. The next morning she found all the movies (to that point) in a stack on the table with instructions to only watch them in that order (they were numbered with sticky notes) and that she had to watch them all the way through the credits.

After each movie, dh and dd had a debrief with her.

They take this stuff (Marvel, DC, & Star Wars) very seriously!! I know as much as I do, just by osmosis. It would be impossible to live with them all and not know it! :sunglasses:

They usually take the Friday of release day off to go see the movies, but dd couldn’t get the time so they are waiting impatiently until Monday.


I wonder if they’ve got any info on Fury’s license plate in Capt America Winter Soldier?

I will ask them tomorrow!

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Is this a stand-alone movie, or another Marvel scam where you can only watch it if you’ve seen the other 973 movies in their damned cinematic universe.

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As I said above, I have minimal Marvel knowledge and followed it fine. Do they refer to things that happened? Yes. But not having seen that movie did not affect my ability to understand what was going on or anything about the story.

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Sounds like Downton Abby movie… you could watch it w/o having watched the TV series

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Absolutely. Do you get more insidery stuff if you have seen more movies? Sure. But can you enjoy it having seen none? Also sure.

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Good to know!

Just saying that was addressed earlier in the thread. Not my fault if you choose not to read all of a thread or if you have me on ignore but then choose to comment on a thread I started.