Birthday Trip planning - the saga continues!

I’m back after a much needed hiatus! :smiley:

I had a great day at Epcot, night at Art of Animation, and 4-night cruise on the Disney Wonder a couple of months ago, so now it’s full steam ahead on planning for my birthday trip! I’m settled on my resort and cruise cabin…at least I’d better be as I joked with my TA that I’m giving up making reservation changes for Lent. So far I’ve stuck to it - even my ADRs (mostly - I think there is one exception) which I do myself and did not include in that. I can’t do my cruise selections until April 7 when I’m 105 days out. FP+ day is not until May. But for now…

fly from LGA to MCO, take Magical Express to Pop
drop luggage either in the room or with bell services depending on if the room is ready early (and actually I may end up checking a bag, so then it will be on DME)
grab a refillable mug and possibly a snack
head to Epcot for the day
ADR - 8pm Illuminations Dining Package

ADR - 7:30 'Ohana breakfast with a friend who will be down there for some overlapping days
MK for the day
ADR - 7pm The Wave (new one for me)

7/20 (THE birthday)
ADR - 8:10am Tusker House breakfast (this may get dropped…TBD)
11am - Up Close With Rhinos
ADR - 8pm ROL Dessert Party

ADR 7:30am Bon Voyage Breakfast (may get dropped…depends on how I feel food-wise AND what time my DCL shuttle pick-up is)
Time TBD - DCL Bus to Port Canaveral and embarkation on the Disney Dream

7/21-26 Disney Dream 5-night cruise with 2 stops at Castaway Cay, a stop at Nassau, and a sea day!!

Super pumped for this one!!


Such great plans! I cannot wait to see if you keep them!


Thanks! It’s really only the 2 breakfasts the 20th and 21st that are subject to change/cancellation. Illuminations Dining, Rhinos, and the ROL Dessert party are already paid, 'Ohana breakfast is with a friend (ergo, much more challenging to cancel), and I have a resort credit from changing from Poly to AKL to Pop where the deposit from Poly more than covered the 3 nights, so I figure I’ll 100% use that for The Wave.


Looks like a great trip!

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My problem is I read dining reviews!


I do, but I also know that tastes are different. The 4 friends from my runDisney days who like The Wave have pretty diverse tastes, so that they all agreed on it gives me comfort.

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Looking good!

I really enjoy The Wave

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Great plans! Now I have to look into the Disney Cruises. I know nothing about them but now I want to plan one!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They are awesome! Pricey no doubt, but awesome!!



Now I am debating changing Bon Voyage for Cape May.

The whole “Bon Voyage” thing to kick off a cruise embarkation day sounds fun, but I am really only a fan of 2 of the characters (Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene) - I have never been a big Little Mermaid fan - and don’t know how awkward that would be. It is also the less expensive of the two (at this point).

I 100% love Cape May - even if it is a buffet - and the characters. I have great memories of other trips there. And with a buffet, while not stuffing myself, I could eat enough to tide me over and skip embarkation lunch on the ship (not sure how big the servings are at Bon Voyage, but it is a plated meal).


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I found little to no awkwardness there during my Bon Voyage Breakfast there in January.

As for the size of things, I think I put a picture up on my insta… if not, I will hunt it down for you. I found it quite filling and could not finish the pastry plate they brought me… and I was encouraged to take that with, and was brought even more pastries when they boxed up my pastry leftovers.

I don’t think you’ll have trouble being “full enough” from Bon Voyage breakfast. :heart:


Wait…did Lent finish early this year :wink:

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Haha! My sister asked the same thing!

Technically it only applied to hotel and/or cruise reservations. And I have stuck to that!


I see pics of characters. :slight_smile:

I guess I will leave it as Bon Voyage. For now anyway.

OK. I’ll see if I can find the food porn for you. :smiley:


So last night was cruise check-in!! Well, technically the bulk (activity booking) was this morning at midnight.

I didn’t have to pick a Port Arrival Time as I’m on DCL transportation from Pop to Port Canaveral, so what I could do at 8pm was just making sure my id and onboard payment information was correct.

At midnight it was time to book activities! I got pretty much everything I wanted…

  • Palo Brunch on the Sea Day
  • Palo Dinner on the third night (assuming I get my requested rotation, that puts me out of the MDR that is my least favorite)
  • Champagne Tasting - opted for this on the Sea Day mid-afternoon since the other options were embarkation day when I’m not sure I’ll be on board yet/in time to get there or one of the Castaway days in the mid-afternoon…and the whole point of a Double Dip is to enjoy Castaway twice!
  • Princess Gathering and the Frozen Meet and Greet on Nassau Day

I’m also currently booked for an Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap with Half Body Massage on Nassau day which I may cancel…they are pricey and I hate the sales pitch at the end (the only time I have not gotten it in spite of writing “No sales pitch” on the release form was in February because the manicurist knew who my sister was (she does her nails on the Wonder) so she didn’t even start); and a pirate makeover (unless I manage to get the costume I want before the cruise, I’ll likely keep this - it’s not often adults get to go to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on Pirate Night - which is our second Castaway Day, but I have it at 6pm so I can hang on the island as long as possible and then get cleaned up.

I’m excited!! It’s getting real now!!

I did decide to skip the ROL dessert party and cancelled that. I do love it, but I would rather just go to Nomad Lounge or something and have a snacky meal than all sweets.

Still debating if I want to keep the Tusker House breakfast on my birthday (lose EMH all together, plus a buffet can be awkward for a solo - I feel like I need to make a sign “Not finished yet. Refilling!”) and/or Bon Voyage on the day I leave for my cruise.


Was there anything (other than a cabana) that was not available for you to book?

Not that I saw - this was my first time booking as Gold. (And actually there was a Serenity Bay cabana available right at booking. I temporarily grabbed it, but then thought the better of it (it’s gone now) - I’m solo and do not need all that for close to $500 when you count the tax in there. I have just as good a time without it. The only time I’ve said it was necessary I had actually booked for me and my parents just for fun…but it ended up being a blessing I got it because my dad had to have hip replacement surgery a week after the cruise and walking was a challenge.)

The only other thing I wanted - and I’ll check when I get on board - was a Chocolate and Liquor Tasting. It is available, but it is only on the Sea Day right now and at 12:15. My Palo Brunch is 10:30 and the system blocks you for 2 hours. Tomorrow if I’m home in time to get on chat, I may try chatting with them and seeing if there is any way they can book it for me since I will in no way take 2 hours at Brunch. If not, I’ll go to the booking area on board (changes every cruise) and see if there are any spots left. I’d give up Champagne Tasting for that.

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It sounds like you have some great plans!

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Thanks! I’m excited! If I can’t get Chocolate and Liquor, the Champagne will be good anyway. :slight_smile: