Birth Announcement Final Results

Thanks for all the help from my original post asking for ideas for a birth announcement. Here is what we came up with and finally did. The one with Cinderella is a joke! Need ideas for a BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT while @ Disney World

MNSSHP was a blast. Thank you all for the amazing help in prepping. If people are interested Im happy to share a trip report or answer any questions. Thanks again for everything.


Those are both great, and I love your costumes!!! I would love to read your trip report!

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Awesome photo! Glad you were able to get it to work out the way you wanted it to. :grinning:


That turned out great! Congrats!

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Not to be daft, but what’s the punchline? I’m not sure I get the joke. Or is it an inside joke kind of thing?

I love the Genie announcement photo, though. Great idea!

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I’d say he is crossing his fingers, hoping it’s a boy this time.

Thats it. And I was completely joking, I am happy either way. Yea that one didn’t turn out quite as I had pictured in my mind. It was the backup in case we didn’t get to meet Genie

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