Big rides closed during MNSSHP?

Does anyone know how accurate this is/isn’t? Some of the comments seem to think it’s a “glitch”. I find it odd that (if) Disney keeps some of the big rides closed during the party, especially with by how much the tickets increase…

I have not read anything elsewhere that either confirms or denies this report. I am not familiar enough with Chip and Co to know how “trusted” they are as a site.

The DIs posted the same thing as well today!

I guess it’s official; I finally found this after digging around in MDE for most of 10 minutes

I have never had even the slightest desire to go to the party, but if I had been considering it, this would have been the show-stopper. Not only are 7DMT and BTMRR (not to mention HOP, COP, Philharmagic, Jungle Cruise, and Tiki Room) not available, this will cause lines at other attractions to be longer…

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I don’t think most people go to the parties for the rides. You can do those anytime. The purpose of the party is for trick or treating, shows, parade, and character meet and greets. This party is primarily geared toward children.

Agreed. While I won’t say I rode many rides during the party when I went, shutting them down really makes justification of cost tough. The “short wait times for the most popular rides” was the #1 selling point I was given whenever the party came up. Now, that seems like that’s going away.

Is only a special parade, castle show, some candy, and chance of a Character Meet really worth the ~$100/person price tag?


I really wonder why they would keep those rides closed for the party?! This will be the first year for that. We love the party festivities but the short lines were definitely a plus! Anyone know if this will be the case for MVMCP as well? Makes me a little sad b/c we have so many fond memories of going on Splash Mountain over and over with no wait and the wait was so short for 7DMT.

Splash is being refurbed until towards the end of November.

No idea why for the others though.

Oh that’s right - that’s probably why splash is closed, it reopens before we go. But I wonder if it’ll be closed for MVMCP anyway??

I’m looking forward to the character meet and greets, but not to the tune of $100 so I might have to skip.

How people utilize their party ticket is very individual and I don’t think it’s fair to say that it’s not really intended for the rides. My family had very little interest in meeting characters on the night that we went and we had about a time on the rides. I’m not picking on you, because you’re not the only one to have said this, but this statement really drives me crazy

See this is the thing that’s also driving me crazy about this whole story: MVMCP party tickets are on sale as well but the webpage for that event has not yet been updated. If you look at the two pages you’ll see that MNSSP page has a very different and updated book as compared to the other. People are buying their party tickets based on past experience and I don’t feel that Disney is being very forthcoming about what people are really getting for their money at this point

Warning: Snark ahead!

If you’re riding rides and not meeting characters then you’re not using this party the way it’s intended. Also if you’re going and you’re an adult you’re doing it wrong because it’s meant for kids :wink::wink:

Just adding on to your point, it really is going to cause bigger problems in the end. We’re a character M&G and show kind of family but there are plenty of families there like yours that want to do attractions. If you take those out of the equation, that adds more people waiting in line for M&G’s, shows, etc which makes guest satisfaction go down. If this all holds to be the case, Disney has made a very very poor business decision and is really taking advantage of guests (and I don’t often feel that way as some others might)


We purchased our tickets prior to this information being released and we mostly go for the lower wait time for rides so I called DW this afternoon to ask if this list was accurate and I was told that the list of available attractions may not be complete. The representative I spoke with said he thinks they may be updating the list in a few days. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s what he said.

And many of those M&G are already very lengthy waits (which is why we choose not to do them). Making them longer is going to be insane. You’ll have to line up for some characters hours before the party and the line will be shut so early on.


Oh that’s good to know! I would think it’s only fair to have all the information available as soon as tickets are available for purchase.
I still wonder why they’d change something like that all of a sudden this year.

1 - he is not certain of the information he is giving you
2 - i would not bet on changes; i would expect to get what i pay for today and not see any changes. if there are changes, bonus!

You are correct- he was definitely not certain. We’ll wait and see what happens this year and next time I’ll wait longer before buying tickets so quickly.

Hooray! Mine Train has been added to the Open list