Big rides closed during MNSSHP?

I seem to remember in the past that Disney would post that not all attractions would be available during the special events. I get that they have a right to close rides to certain events. However, even with that understanding, I purchased my tickets prior to the decision to close some major rides. I’m glad that 7DMT will be open (for now, anyways) but with my limited experience at the party (the last one I was at was 13 years ago for heck’s sake) the lines for characters were LONG, especially the villains. With fewer options for people to go to, it makes more sense that those lines will be even worse. Ugh.

I saw that 7DMT was added, yay! Anyone know if this list is the same for MVMCP or is it specific to MNSSHP b/c costumes or something?!

we did MVMCP only for the rides and I do have kids age 6 & & that had no interest in meeting the characters or having the yucky cookies or hot chocolate that was cold when we tried it three times. We really couldn’t believe it would be cold at different kiosks so we kept trying. The lines were short and Splash was walk on and rode BTMRR three times and Goofy 7 times(didn’t even have to get off). I would never pay that much with the rides closed and i believe you can use your ticket anyway you want. I do think Disney obviously looked at this and saw people did not do the rides (short lines) and closed them., However, they will lose some patrons (obviously us) if rides are not included. Disney will run the numbers and see if this impacts there bottom line or if the buzz is bad they will reverse their decision.

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