Big News for Dining & FP


Have just seen this too. Was coming here to see if it had been shared yet.

A big atomic bomb. But really, IMO, necessary to start over under new systems and plans.



I can’t see it coming back the same. I think they will use this as an opportunity to overhaul the system.


I texted my son, then came here.

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I am actually a bit excited (I think) about this. It could mean that the planning aspect of WDW may become more like DLR which I have heard is waaay more relaxed.


I understand why they are doing this, but I am crying over the perfect ADRs I have for our July trip.


I think this is the start of an entirely new way to plan Disney trips. I don’t see the old way coming back after this.

A whole new system to figure out the loopholes and how to best plan for our families! YAY! (not joking, kind of excited to see how all this works and my smart Liner friends figure out how to optimize)


I wonder how lack of FPP will work out with DAS. Since they use the same system.
60 day ADRs doesn’t really bother me - I remember when they were called Priority Seatings, and different restaurants had different dates - some were 60 days I’d I recall correctly.
I think cancelling everything and having everyone start or in the same playing field is fair.


For people who still want to go and purchased dining plans, I wonder if they will refund just that portion of the package or if they will make you cancel the whole thing? Also, same thing for if you paid the extra for a park hopper. Sounds like you can only reserve 1 park per day under this.

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I’m speechless. I don’t even know what to do. Will need to see how this all plays out, but I feel like this just pulled the rug out from all of us who knew how the system works.


I feel bad for those who received the free dining plan for having to reschedule their trips from March-May…


So those of us who are paying rack rates and full price tickets for free dining packages are now left with just full price bookings with no benefit. And I suppose no discounts are being offered now. Disappointed doesn’t begin to express it. Have to process this for awhile. Hope they have something to offer as an alternative but not holding my breath.


Rumor has it that these guests will be eligible for a special room discount of 35%. We had free dining so I will keep you posted if I receive an email.


It’s definitely pulling the rug out.

But they have to operate in a very different way than before, so I think it makes sense not to try to shove a square peg in a round hole. Just reading around here all the speculation in the last 2 days about how park reservations, hopping, tickets, fastpasses, dining, etc could/should/might work shows how complicated the old system was and if they tried to make small/incremental adjustments it just leads to more issues…if you give a mouse a fastpass…

Start fresh. Contact everyone with current reservations and get them straightened out, then let the masses in.

It’s shocking and unpleasant for sure (we were supposed to be there for Spring break, had booked a June recovery trip, and had a backup October…so I’m right in the thick of it). But I think the best way to handle a very complicated situation.


They are offering 35% off a future booking.

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I hope that is true and that it will work out. I’ll be looking for my email.

My daughter sent me the article 5 minutes ago, then I came here.

Future booking or the one that has now been disrupted?

We will have to see how this plays out. And I hope they contact those of us impacted by this relatively quickly (I have July, August and October trips that will all change now).

the wording I saw said “are invited to rebook their vacation for a later date with a 35% room discount.”

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