Big firsts & friends: an Easter trip report

So I figured I’d carve out a space to drop any fun tidbits or pics. Not sure I can commit to a full TR on a 4n trip with Dr. Grumpy and Whiney the Elder and Whiney the Younger, but I’ll definitely be posting along the way!

I’ve done mostly solo trips over the last year or so, but this time it’s me, DH, DS9 and DD4. I love the April weather at WDW, but I anticipate insane crowds. We were there last year for Easter pre-DCL and it was nuts. And DH hates crowds. And his partner recently left, and yesterday his clinic coordinator PA who founded and designed said clinic with partner who left, announced she’s resigning. So, he’s had tons of fun at work and I’ve seen him almost none. DS9 is behind at school, like to where his teacher called me yesterday to discuss it, even though all year long I’ve been questioning whether he’s in the right grade (this is a constant thing), now suddenly it’s April and voila… and he’s missed 4 days in the past 4 weeks for illness, so he really shouldn’t be missing Thursday, but $1500 to move our flights… But what is WDW for if not to escape reality? Here are our plans:

Thursday: Fly Spirit for the first time, direct to MCO, hopefully landing on-time at noon. Away We Go will pick us up, drop us off at Disney Springs and then drop our bags off at Beach Club, where we have a water view room (all that was available). Depending on arrival time, we will grab a quick lunch at Polite Pig, Daily Poutine or somewhere else near the LEGO store before DS9’s 2pm minifigure factory appointment, which should be a fun first. Then we’ll see if we want to hang out at DS anymore, or go straight to Stormalong Bay! We have B&C reservations at 6, where I intend to engage my YouTube obsessed DS9 in another first, the “Kitchen Sink Challenge,” because everything is more fun for him if you act like it’s going on YouTube.

Friday: USE BG1 FOR THE FIRST TIME (!!) to join GOTG VQ and get TT for around 10 hopefully. Buy GOTG for 10ish. Rope drop from IG. Ride Frozen, meet Anna & Elsa. Depending on time, take our first “Beverly Challenge” at Club Cool (again, trying to interest DS9). Ride TT, GOTGx2. Get next G+ for LMM or ETwB. Lunch at S220 at 1230, but we plan to check in early. On the way back to IG, stop in Morocco pavilion to see dune bashing (we’re going in November! to Morocco!!) and then in Japan for shopping.
We have a sitter meeting us at the hotel around 230 (she’s a CM and our friends have used and loved her) so that DH can nap and I can either a) take DD for some princess fun at MK or b) relax by the pool while they play, depending on what DD is up for.
Bus to MK for HEA pre-party dessert party to relive our Before Times Dessert Party Experience.

Saturday: DS & I will probably RD HS and try to ride ToT and MF, then meet Vader, then IJ show. Sitter is coming at 930 to take DD to pool, and DH has an appt at Mandara spa for a 90m massage and haircut/beard trim. At 315, we will Minnie Van to FtW for the 4pm HDD, which I’m really excited to do for the first time! Depending on how we feel after the show, we may explore FtW and stick around for the Chip & Dale campfire singalong, we may boat to MK, hit up Winter Summerland, just head back to Stormalong Bay or even ride a few minor attractions at EPCOT.

Sunday: 11:20 CRT, followed by our first (and prob last) VIP TOUR!!! Our friends are also spending the weekend in Orlando, so we decided to split a tour with them! DS and their DS10 are in the same class at school, and the Mom and I are really close, so it should be fun. She was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer (she’s not even 40) and starts chemo asap + double mastectomy… so we are going to have the BEST DAY EVER dangit. Our plan is to meet our guide in MK, ride TRON, Space, then head to AK for FOP/NRJ, EE, KS, KRR, then to HS for ROTR, MMRR, SDD, TSM and VIP Fantasmic seating.

Monday: We have Topolino’s reservations, but I have a feeling we will be abandoning those so that DS can have some pool time with his buddy from our OTHER group of friends that will be there at the same time. Has anyone eaten at Cape May recently? I’m tempted to make something early-ish there, just since we’ll be at BC. They’re at VGF (they’re DVC), so we will end up heading over there since SAB is a fortress. Car pick up is at 2p for a 4:35 departure, but we have precheck and no bags to check for our Frontier return flight, so that should be plenty.

So yeah! Follow along here for what will hopefully be a very exciting weekend that’s full but not TOO full of fun and has beverage and spa breaks planned during Peak Grumpy times. It’s so much easier to go solo, but DD is peak princess age, so, as the YouTubers and DS say, LET’S GOOOOOOOOO.


Hope this all works out for you guys! Sounds like a nice mix of things for everyone.


Sounds like you all really need this! I hope you have a great time!


I think you have a great plan to help with the crowds. Have all the fun!!!


Sounds like a great trip. I appreciate your nickname for your DH (mine could easily be called the same).


This is works well for my family. DH has even completely embraced his grumpy persona and wears the Grumpy T-shirt and MB.

Post when you can and if you can. I will be here. Trip reporting isn’t always easy, and your time with your family comes first. :two_hearts:


Has Vegas posted odds on this yet? :smirk:


Supportive hugs for craziness at his work but love that you all are able to do this. I hope you have the best time.


I’ll check.

But my Magic 8 Ball says bullshit.

I started with a “first and last” too’. My next one is Mother’s Day.


Naturally, these go together. :joy:

Have a great trip. Your plans look amazing!


Its the only way to afford the VIP tour!


The VIP tour, even split in half, is a big splurge that I’m hoping will generate interest in the tour from potential clients – using that and social media posts I can generate to justify the spend. DH isn’t enthused from a cost perspective, so I’m not sure I’ll ever get him back on one. Honestly, I know my way around genie enough that it doesn’t feel necessary, but clients love it, and I like to sell from experience.

Spirit is necessity. Choices to fly direct were spirit, frontier and allegiant or spend half our day on a plane. Frontier is my go to, and they cancelled on us, so spirit was next up. I did buy DH the Big Front Seat but the rest of us are short and can fly anywhere.

Generally I prefer to fly business class for free :joy: or a couple hundred bucks in fees. See the credit card points thread for my second favorite hobby, which exists solely to support my first favorite hobby, travel.


And this is why I love following your trips.


Save a little here to splurge a little there

Who needs fusilage when you can get yourself a plaid! :laughing:


Wow. Them’s some choices

Sour GIFs | Tenor


Ok this is my new fave gif. And yeah. SW used to fly direct daily and now it’s like once a week. I cancelled my card cause I never fly them anymore


Yeah we’re down to like one nonstop most (not all) days of the week now.

It’s terrible

I hope it goes back to the way it was

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This sounds like it will be a fun trip! Fingers crossed for minimal grumpiness and whining


No, no, no.

The more they bitch, the better her reports are.


Oh well I retract my statement then! Wishing you all the grumpiness and whining.