Best Universal Snacks

I’m pretty much a cheapskate and don’t eat meals inside theme parks, but I am budgeting enough to allow myself one snack per day that I can’t get anywhere else in the world on my upcoming 3-day trip to Universal. I’m definitely going to have a frozen butterbeer one day and share the Big Pink donut at Lard Lad’s on another, but I’m at a loss for my third day treat.



Not in the park , but I do want to try voodoo donuts.

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Maybe an ice cream at Florian Fortescue’s?


I got Ben & Jerry’s in Universal. My kids got Icees. My wife got a weird coconut Icee concoction that they offer with or without alcohol. She can’t speak for the version with alcohol, but the version without she loved.

To me, the Butterbeer is worth experiencing once if only to say you’ve done it. But I don’t really know what all the fuss is about. Other than the cream on top, it is rather a let-down. Very bland. I’ve tried both the frozen and cold kinds, plus the Butterbeer fudge. I won’t get it again, and my kids didn’t ask for it again except my daughter, who I think wanted it just to prove her die-hard Harry Potter fandom.

A couple days we actually got snacks, instead, at Disney Springs. Earl of Sandwich has some really good desserts (brownies/cookies). My son got a Wetzel’s Pretzel there.

Honestly, the best snacks at Universal are the ones you CAN get other places in the world. :slight_smile:

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Love the ice cream at Florian’s (in Daigon Alley) with shortbread crumbles.


cotton candy in Seuss land

What about the brookie? I’ve seen that listed on many sites (including touring plans) that it is a snack to try when in Universal.

hard pack ice cream at florian fortescue’s…trying to remember the best (toffee??)

I also say FF’s ice cream. They give you two scoops, so you can pick the one you like. I LOVE the Salted Caramel Blondie with the Sticky Toffee Pudding :gift_heart:! Plus, since they don’t let you sample, if you get a flavor, and you don’t like it, you can give it back to them and choose a different one.

I am in the camp of frozen butterbeer, however, if I could only pick one treat from DA, I would choose getting the hard packed ice cream.

I would suggest a milkshake at Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium. FF’s was also pretty good, except the butterbeer ice cream was so-so.

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I love ice cream, and sounds like I need to add Florian Fortescue’s somewhere on my trip. Problem is, I have ice cream planned as treats elswhere, and not sure my family shares my enthusiasm for ice cream. Seriously, you don’t know how much ice cream I can eat!

I’m not even this huge fan of ice cream (I like it for sure, but usually prefer other kinds of desserts). That being said, I HAVE to get FF every single day that we are at US. I also agree that the butterbeer ice cream is so so.

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And, I’ll add that the butterbeer fudge (sold in the candy shop) is so-so as well. Kind of bland. I don’t recommend it. I really WANTED to like it. I just found it…meh.

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adding that we found toothsome meh. Ice cream not really tasty…looked cool, but not as genuinely tasty and “worth it” from the calorie perspective.

I love some of the food there .

I’m glad you said this. I was disappointed in the butterbeer ice cream and thought I was the only one. I’ll stick to my frozen butterbeer!


Personally, I loved every single thing I ate at Toothsome, and since everyone got something different and we taste tested, it was a lot. The tatchos were amazing, my steak flatbread was incredible, and the s’mores dessert was super yummy! I can’t remember what else I sampled.

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:joy: You sound like my husband. He often wants to eat ice cream all the time, so he gets ice cream and the rest of us try something else.

I’ll add to the chorus about FF’s ice cream. I thought it was excellent. I agree with padfoot86 about the salted caramel blondie. It had nice chunks of the blondie in it. Definitely recommend it if that’s your thing.

I love (maybe too much) frozen butterbeer!