Best Transportation Option to/from MCO

Hi all,

As the title says — what’s the best transport option for MCO?

I know about Mears, but wanted to check in with powers that be.

It’s my boyfriend and I (2 adults, miss 30s, no kids). We arrive on a Monday evening around 11:30pm.
We are traveling to the All Star Sports resort.

Whaddya think? What’s your experiences?

Thanks so much in advance!



I used this site to price out options. I believe we ended up using Priceless and had no trouble.

Edited to add that we had 8 people, so we needed a van.

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I, too, strongly suggest Uber/Lyft. They pick you up right outside of the luggage/ bag claim area. I do it every trip now. Cost about $35 with tip each way.


There have been some reports of surge pricing late night (maybe since the Sunshine Flyer doesn’t run?) . Has anyone checked it lately?

Does anyone have experience getting Uber car seat from MCo? My kid should be in a booster. He’ll be almost 7 but every small. I’ll be buying the BumbleBum but would feel more comfortable in something real which is why I was leaning towards private transport since it’s a longer trip.

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I would just bring your own booster and count it as your kids carry-on and store it in the overhead bin. I personally would never trust a carseat with an unknown history like from uber or a rental car agency.

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That’s why I was going with the portable one. We only need anything to and from airport and resort to Universal and back on day. I hate to lug something bigger. He’s technically old enjuto go without in FL but not back home.

My son will be 9 when we go and is legally allowed to go without at home, but still uses one. We are going without on our Dec. trip although it makes me nervous.

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Personally I never use Uber/Lyft with my family because of the need for multiple car seats and space for people and luggage. But when I’m alone or just with my wife, it’s ride share all the way. Way more convenient and fast, and usually not that much more expensive.

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If there’s a Taxi waiting with no line, take it! I’ve seen them be the same price of cheaper than Uber and ultra fast.

can I ask why? Wouldn’t they be more expensive? How truth worthy are they? Will be using them to go from POP to Portifino in a couple of weeks. Never used them before.

Is that per person price?

I’ve been with my daughter and solo and it’s usually $30 + tip both times. Since OP is only going with two ppl as well that should be the same.

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Uber/Lyft is flat rate, so it can be most economical if you have 2-3 people, or even 5-6 if you order XL (which is a little more expensive but gives you a vehicle with seating up to 6 people. Some people get XL even if they’re alone if they like extra room).

The nice thing is that it’s completely flexible - you don’t have to commit to a time or place, there is almost always a driver nearby (except in rare circumstances, but even then you may wait like 20 minutes). And you know how much you are going to have to pay before you click “Confirm.” Ride share is one of the greatest inventions of the last 20 years.


We loved Cast & Crew Transportation :heart:! Highly recommend.

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When you book Uber or Lyft, you know the make and model of the vehicle coming to get you, the license plate number and the name of the driver. You can share your ride with other people so they know where you are and who you are riding with. It’s definitely cheaper than a private car service. The apps are easy to use. There is no cash exchanged. I’ve used them in Chicago, Nashville, Orlando, DC, and other large cities. I’ve used them when it was just me and with my whole family. I find them to be very convenient.


This is a long shot, but is anyone aware of a car service from MCO to Disney where the driver will mask?

I mean if you ask many may. I’d call and ask.

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Many of the drivers I had using Uber wore masks. Especially if they saw me approaching the car with one on. I don’t know of any services that explicitly require it of their drivers.