Best Snacks you didn't know about

What are some snacks or food you have found at the world that you absolutely LOVE :heartbeat: but had no idea existed? Share with everyone so we can all try them on our next trip!


My first choice is obviously the Dole Whip!! Yummy pineapple ice cream. I don’t even eat pineapple and had to try this. I like it best as a float with Pineapple ice cream covered in pineapple juice. It is a perfect snack on a hot (or any) day!


My second choice is the Fried Herb and Garlic Cheese at 50’s primetime grill. I read a review on the restaurant and they suggested getting it. So super yummy.


I haven’t been in so long my list for our trip is really long lol.

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I keep mentioning the African Spice Cake at Kusafiri Bakery in Animal Kingdom, because it was SO good. This picture is from the Disney Food Blog. Here’s the link, because I feel bad about stealing their picture. Disney Food Blog Kusafiri Review


On my solo trip over 7/4 I was able to try a bunch of stuff I’ve only read about. I loved the Jalapeno pretzel! I also LOVED the nutella and fruit waffle at Sleepy Hollow although it was so filling it was my meal.

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Sleepy Hollow waffle foods… especially the spicy chicken waffle… also on my list is the Pot Roast Mac n Cheese at Friars Nook.


My fave snacks are Jalepeno Cheese Stuffed Pretzel, Frushi during F&G, Goofy’s Glaciers lemonade, frozen cokes from lunching pad, and MICKEY CAKE POPS!

P.S. I LOVE how easy it is to upload a pic now!! :smile:


Fruit tart from starring rolls, pecan bar from karmel kitchen in Germany, Mickey bar after a long day in the park

yummmmy! I can honestly say that other than popcorn, mickey bar and some cinnamon nuts I have no experience in the snacks at WDW parks. My DH isn’t a big snacker and so I don’t get to try out all the treats like I want but this trip I am making a list and taking L snack breaks. These all look so good!


Dark Chocolate covered frozen strawberry cheesecake pop on a Mickey straw at AoA.


The Chocolate dipped fruit kabob at Big Top Treats in MK was light and the perfect snack on a hot day.


Is it wrong that I have an entire list of snacks, divided by park, written as a Note on my phone so that I won’t miss any during my upcoming trip? And that it’s a really long list?


So do I, so do I.


@wdwfan29! Diet Coke + Mickey cake pops = my WDW power snack of choice! :wink:


Please share that list!


I just checked the list, and it is incomplete. It is categorized by “Frozen Treats” and “Frozen Drinks.” We’re going in August, so I’ve focused on staying cool. I haven’t paid enough attention to the non-frozen snack category.
The only items on this list that we’ve actually tried are Mickey bars and Dole whip. Everything else I’ve heard about on Lines. Thank you for the 10 lbs I’ll be bringing home as a souvenir!

Frozen treats:

Ice cream cookie sandwich, Sleepy Hollow or Plaza, MK
Brioche ice cream sandwich, France, EP
Mickey Bars, ubiquitous
Dole whip, Aloha Isle, MK
Ersatz Dole whip w/ rum, AK
Citrus swirl, Sunshine Tree Terrace, Adventureland, MK

Frozen Drinks:

Raspberry lemonade slush, Cheshire Cafe, MK
Frozen Coke, Club Cool, EP
Frozen tea, China Pavillion, EP
Frozen chai latte, AK
Grey Goose Lemon Slush, France, EP
Red Stag frozen lemonade, snack bldg outside American Adventure, EP
Kakigori slush, Japan, EP
Grapefruit beer, Germany, EP (not actually frozen, but still a must-try)

Suggestions welcome!

Mrs. Incredible, let’s see your list!


Geez, that’s a long list. (slinking away to hide my shame).

The watermelon Popsicle at La Cantina de San Angel. Soooo yummy.