Best parking for Ratatouille at park open?

Best parking option to hit Ratatouille at park open? Staying offsite and debating if parking at DHS and taking the skyline is a good idea? My dad will be in a wheelchair so trying to minimize walking. How much time should I apply for parking and getting on the skyliner? (it wasnt there my last trip so not sure how long it takes.)

The Skyliner would require you to go BACK to the CBR hub and then get in line to go over to Epcot, so I don’t think that’s saving you any time at all.

If you’re willing to make an ADR for breakfast at one of the Epcot-area resorts and pay to valet park, that would be your best bet I’d think if you’re wanting the IG entrance.

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They have not allowed guests to get onto the skyliner at HS in the morning with a skyliner resort reservation or ADR. They try to keep the Epcot line clear for resort guests.


Thank you. Glad I asked as I did not know this. I will plan on Epcot parking to be safe. I’ll keep an eye on the Ratatouille waits the next few weeks and see if they die down around dinner since our ADR for dinner is late afternoon.

I agree w/ this, have done this but don’t ever pay for valet parking. The resort guard sends me to their checkin parking area. It is the best way to be able to use the IG entrance which is nearest Remy.

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That is only supposed to be up to 3 hours though. YMMV as to enforcement, but that is the rule.

For going in the whole day the only way to ensure your tires won’t be marked and car possibly towed is to pay for valet.


Ahhhh… I 've taken the risk, but that was before they had gone to full capacity. Thanks for the clarification!


Someone correct me, but at one point you could pay to park at Swolfin and they didn’t care. Not sure if that is still the case though.

Hopefully someone will be able to pop in with more recent experience, but here’s mine.

June 2021 we parked at the Swan with no issues twice. Took a ticket on the way in, paid at the unattended machine on the way out.

The third time, there was a parking lot attendant who gave us the evil eye and started grilling us on why we parked there on the way out. DH told her we were just looking around, paid quickly, and left. She was looking to say more to us, but he scooted us out as soon as the gate arm went up. We didn’t try again after that.

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Ooooo sounds a little suspect - we got dropped there a few times, but I never tried to actually park. Interesting

Book a night at one of the Skyliner or Epcot area resorts.

As much as people say that staying on site is losing benefits…fact is, this is a benefit that they have. It is clear Disney doesn’t want off site guests to access the IG this way, and is trying very hard to enforce it. The fact the sometimes people manage to skirt the system doesn’t legitimize it. If you want to use the IG to get to Remy faster, book a room on site! This would also get you 30 minute ETPE.

I say this as someone who has almost always been an off site guest.


We are renting a house with extended family. We really enjoyed having our own private pool at night to hang out at after the parks. As much as I hate not having the 30 min ETPE (liked the one park per day sooo much better) it still doesn’t out weigh having the pool and a full kitchen to eat some meals in.

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Totally hear you. We have rented countless times, most recently in May 2021. House, 4 bedrooms, private pool, etc.

My point, though, is that in choosing to save that money and have the great house it means NOT getting the on site benefits. If you want to get the on site benefits, you need to book something onsite! Unfortunately, that means not getting access to the IG at rope drop otherwise.

The walk from Dolphin parking lot to IG (and France) is pretty much the same as the walk from the Epcot parking lot through the whole park. Epcot entrance to IG is identical to Dolphin - IG.

if OP’s dad has a disabled parking permit, I reckon they can park pretty close to the park entrance.

I suppose the advantage, though, is you could get to the IG before rope drop and then have a short walk, by walking (or taking the boat?) to Epcot well ahead of RD.

If you use the front gate of EP, you are forced to walk BEFORE RD.

(I realize, RD isn’t entirely accurate, due to ETPE…but I still call RD the time the park officially opens to all guests, I guess!)

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you are right!

I was thinking mainly about the walking distance

does IG open at the same time as RD?

IG opens the same as the front gate. So, for on-site guests, it opens the ~30 minutes early. For off-site guests, it opens at the “regular RD” time, or posted opening time.

I still recommend a breakfast ADR at one of the resorts and then walk in the IG from the resort after breakfast.

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This would only give you three hours parking though right? I was able to snag Akershus before open last visit and that was perfect sigh. Looks like park in front, rope drop Frozen and hope Ratatouille line dies down later in the day.

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That’s what it sounds like. I’m always behind that 3 hour mark though. Akershus before open sounds great but they aren’t open yet… I don’t think.