Best (discounted) ticket to buy with plan to upgrade immediately to Annual Pass?

Has anyone already done the research on this?

If not, I’ll scour the sites and work it out, but if someone already has I’d greatly appreciate benefitting from their work!

Have you tried the touring plans ticket calculator?

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I upgraded from Undercover Tourist. It worked, but Disney knew the price of tickets through UT, so I didn’t get to keep the savings.


Ah. I believe they used to credit the price Disney sold the same ticket for if you purchased through a 3rd party.

Sounds like maybe they closed that loophole! Sigh.

I think it is hit or miss. Unfortunately for me, it was not in my favor.

I seem to recall someone just recently doing it with Boardwalk Ticketing and they were able to keep the savings. Forget who it was.

It’s been a while, but I did it with Boardwalk Ticketing at some point in the last year and retained my savings.

Did you upgrade before you used your first day of your ticket?

Yes. It was a couple months ahead.

You have to use the ticket to lock in the savings.


But not the whole thing! (I know you know that). Make sure to have already entered a park at least once.


Really? I thought it was the opposite!

Anyhow, that might not have worked for us then because we were actually combining two tickets toward the AP. The first ticket was a single day ticket to WDW in March. The second was a 6 day ticket in September…but since we were planning to go again in January 2025, we realized it would be cheaper to get an AP.

I thought I remembered there was a reason you did it ahead of time!

I will say again, touring plans updates the ticket calculator and will tell you what the current. Safest, discounted ticket can options are.

The cheapest tickets will always be convention tickets but they generally cannot be upgraded for any savings.

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Thank you all!!

Good to know!

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