Best Counter Service?

Favorite Counter Service resteraunt in each park?

Flame Tree, Tune-In/Brown Derby Lounge (sorta CS), Columbia Harbor House, Katsura Grill (new fav)

That’s a question as loaded as a baked potato.

MK: sleepy hollow
EP: can’t choose sorry. Lol.
AK: restaurantasaurus (which autofills on my phone thank heaven)
HS: backlot express


Why is it loaded?? LOL!


Because everyone is going to have a different answer lol.


All I know is I’m sick of ABC Commisary and Backlot !! Just wanna mix things up a tad but you are right. This is probably a matter of opinion… IDK how to use an emoticon yet…

I’ll be in the minority, but I’m not a fan of sunshine seasons. I find their lack of variety… Disturbing.

Use the : symbol and it will pop up a little menu if you’re on the computer. For HS I see a lot of recommendations for Min and Bills if it’s open, they seem to close unless it’s a busy day. In MK I personally love Pecos Bills for good burgers. I also really want to try the pot roast Mac & Cheese from the Friar’s Nook next time. No real opinion on AK since I rarely spend more than a few hours there, although I am looking forward to trying Yak & Yeti on our next trip. And Eating around World Showcase at Epcot is easily my favorite WDW food related activity.

For me
MK Pecos Bills
EP Sunshine Seasons in FW or ANYTHING in WS
HS walk to the BW bakery. (I haven’t found anything great about HS CS food. Ever)


MK-Pecos Bills
EP-Sunshine Seasons
HS-Fairfax Faire

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I’ll play, here are my fav’s:

MK: Cosmic Rays
AK: Flame Tree BBQ
HS: Backlot Express
EP: Sunshine Seasons

MK - Sleepy Hollow for Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle
EP - Karamell-Kuche for everything :smiley:
HS - Studio Catering Co or Starring Rolls

I haven’t tried many people’s favorites, but here goes…

MK - Casey’s Corner
EP - Sommerfest
HS - Starring Rolls Café
AK - Yak & Yeti Food Cafés

Hmmm…most of my choices have pretty limited menu options. But what they do, they do well! :yum:

MK: sleepy hollow
AK: yak and yeti
HS: writers stop
EP: do the food booths at F&G and F&W count? If not, it’s a tie between the French bakery and the counter service in morocco

MK - sleepy hollow for waffle sandwiches - looking forward to trying Columbia harbour house next trip

HS - min & bills, but if shut, I just go for carrot cake cookies from sweet spells as I don’t really like the other QS places in that park

EP - if I have to choose, then sommerfest in Germany or tangierine cafe in morocco

AK - the yak and yeti quick service bit

MK-Columbia House
EP-Sunshine Seasons
HS-Pizza Planet

MK - Columbia Harbour House
EP - Boulangerie Patisserie
HS - Backlot Express
AK - ?? haven’t tried any counter service restaurants here

MK: Casey’s (DH)/CHH (me)
AK: Flame Tree BBQ
EP: Sunshine Seasons
HS: Starring Rolls

For us:

MK: PB, or cosmic (mainly for seat in front of castle.
EP: Sunshine seasons, but would rather get caramels in Germany, or treats at French bakery.
HS: none
AK: flame tree

MK Columbia Harbour House
EP Tangierine Cafe
HS none
AK Flame Tree