Best BOG room

Curious for the pros and cons of each BOG room for breakfast with a 2 and 4yo. ADR is for 8:30 but I hope to get in a little earlier. Not sure if certain rooms fill up quickly??

My almost three year old was terrified of the Rose Room - he didn’t even want to go in it. It’s also SUPER dark in there, I feel like it would be hard to eat.

We loved the West Wing but it’s really dark and loud.

I would do the main ballroom for kids that age.

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The main Ballroom is huge and quite noisy. The West Wing is dark, not quite as noisy but you have a constant stream of people walking around just to check it out, which can be a bit annoying. The Castle Gallery is by far the quietest, but lacks ambiance (in my opinion). That’s still where we usually end up, since DH and DD are not fans of the West Wing, and DH doesn’t like the Ballroom either…! :rofl:

Does the castle gallery open for breakfast? I thought it didn’t open up until lunch…

Definitely the ballroom over the west wing. West wing is dark and a bit scary for little ones.

It certainly used to - not sure if that’s changed.

It was open every time we have gone for breakfast

West Wing is dark…on a hot summer day it might feel good but we had a hard time just seeing what tables were open. Also, we didn’t talk to each other as much as we usually do…might be because we were tired but I think it was because of the dark.

My impression is it opens late - we were there for an 8AM ADR and when I asked they made it sound like they only opened it when the other 2 rooms filled. No idea if it was just that day or I lost the CM lottery on who to ask, but we went West Wing instead and enjoyed it…

We had an 8am reservation a few weeks ago and it was open.

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Another vote for the ballroom and request a table in the back near the windows if possible. It snows outside the windows.

An added note on the west wing - it has thunder sounds which might be scary for littles.

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For technical effects, West Wing (dark room) is the easy winner. The rose is animated, the painting changes, the candles flicker, and there’s constant “thunder storm” sounds, but if you want to feel like you stepped right into the animated movie, it’s tough to beat the main ball room.

With those ages, I would recommend the main ball room and, like @AltaD, said, request a table toward the back.

I am hesitant to say the West Wing is down right “scary” but last time I was there, there was a family checking out the rose when the thunder went off and it scared the son (guessing around 5-6) so much that he high-tailed it out of the room immediately. I nearly choked on my breakfast I was laughing so hard. :rofl:

The main ballroom for kids that age. We recently had breakfast in the West Wing and my 5 year old niece was scared and wouldn’t eat because of the thunder. My sister took her to the main ballroom and she kept saying how nice it was in there. The other kids liked the West Wing and were amazed by the portrait on the wall changing when the thunder came.

What are the chances of getting the BOG room you request at check in? My adult DD and I would love to dine in the Rose Room.

Well breakfast is Quick Service so I think you can seat yourself. Not sure about dinner though. I’m sure they will grant your request, you may just have to wait.

We have dinners reservations.

You can ask at dinner but as @melcort10 said it may increase your wait.

Ballroom it is. That was my gut anyway.

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Is the Rose Room at BOG significantly smaller than the ballroom? I have seen pics of the large ballroom but none of the Rose Room.