Best backpacks for Disney

I am leaving for Disney in a week (Woohoo!) and am I finalizing what I am packing. This is the first trip that we will not have a stroller. I liked having the stroller because we could store items underneath. I usually carry a small Kate Spade backpack but I am thinking I need something bigger this time around. What are everyone’s favorite backpacks to carry? It doesn’t have to be Disney themed but I do like something stylish and something bigger to fit souvenirs, snacks and some drinks.


For minor things, we just use a string bag. When not in use, you can stuff it in a pocket easily, but it is there if you need it.

We instead prefer fanny packs or, better yet, cargo pockets.

And souvenirs we intentionally wait to buy until the end of the day, OR until we go to Disney Springs. If we change our mind, and can’t fit it into a cargo pocket, the string bag comes out.

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Thanks for the feedback. I like to buy the souvenirs when we see them so we don’t have to backtrack. Also, I will be bringing some snacks so I would want to carry them in a bag/backpack.


I’d still recommend a string bag. Once you eat your snacks, it folds up and goes in a pocket. But if you buy a souvenir, it comes back out. Unless you are planning to carry a lot of weight, we found it works great. Easy to hand off between people as well, if necessary.

Once we no longer needed the diaper bag, we found going as light as possible is best.

That makes sense. It does seem like that could be easier to carry than a big backpack.

I have found that Vera Bradley items have a cloth strap that makes it most comfortable. I can’t use string bags and most canvas strap style bags for they dig into my skin and cause friction issues. The heat and humidity intensifies this for me.

If you are staying on property, you may be able to take advantage of the ship to the hotel offering so you don’t have to carry your souvenirs around. I don’t have any details on this offering though, so it would require some investigation.

Thanks for the reminder of shipping it back to the hotel! We have done that in the past for larger items but I did not think about it this time around. Also Vera Bradley does seem like a comfortable option. I will look at those. Thanks!

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I used one of those sling bags, like a triangle shape with just the one strap. Held more than I expected, I could keep it on for most rides, and it was easy to access the pockets (just kind of turned it around while still wearing it). We had snacks and drinks, but would only fit smaller souvenirs.
I had this type:

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I have a Scout back pack i use everyday. Not sure material but plasticy is can wipe clean, I have little kids so comes in handy!

Never thought of a sling bag. I do love that you can access it without having to completely take it off. Another type I will look into. Thanks!

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Thanks! I will check these out too. I have little kids as well!

Not sure if it’s stylish but there are different patterns and colors!

Did you really buy a bag that says “fool” on it? (Pronounced that way, anyhow!) :roll_eyes:

Anyhow, we have used a sling bag. We have one that is slightly insulated and the single strap can be unzipped into two straps and worn like a traditional backpack if necessary. (We generally just keep it a sling bag.) It is a good option when you need to carry some things with a bit more weight.

We still prefer the string bags, although the strap issue @SillySamsMom mentioned is something to consider. Our string bags have a thicker/softer cord and not noticeable when wearing a shirt…but if the straps end up on skin (such as when wearing a tank) it might become irritating).

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I bought this large CARQI Sling Bag from Amazon. It fits my iPad pro, my snacks, wallet, hat, goPro, etc. Perfect for me to spend the day in the parks. I like slings better than backpacks - they’re easier on my back, quick on/off and more convenient to get to things.
Have a great trip! I’ll be there next week too. <3

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I have tried many bags and once I bought one of these, I haven’t carried anything else in the parks. I have a Baggallini bought at The Container Store.

You can buy items at the stores and just have them shipped to the front of the park and held there until you leave. Watch a lot of AJ from DFB guide and she is always recommending this as an option.

Good question, I was going to ask this same thing as my trip got nearer. To piggyback on this post- do you guys recommend bringing a towel In your backpack? (Drying off and/or sitting on) What about a change of clothes for kids (ages 4/7, no pants wetting issues :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: just thinking of spills or water rides) With all Im thinking of putting in our backpack, it seems like we’d need a big one, which sounds hot and tiring. Thoughts on what im missing or dont need? (Towel, 4 pairs of sunglasses, sunscreen, wallet, snacks, phones, 2 extra battery packs, print outs of reservations and plans, glow sticks on firework days)

Yes I know, funny name. Many moons ago, I worked at OfficeMax, and we were selling this brand. I also laughed and said Haha! Who’s going to buy a brand that says FOOL?!? Well I was then informed that the company pronounces it “fuel”. I think I bought the bag when it was on sale or something. When prepping for WDW, I bought a pink fanny pack that I almost brought before I found this bag buried in my closet. Being on the larger side, I was not looking forward to making my midsection look bigger with a fanny pack, but I said to myself, whatever, I’m not going to a fashion show and I’m not going to see all these other Disney visitors ever again! So, same reasoning with the FOOL bag :slight_smile:

Change of clothes for the 4 yo - def. 7 yo maybe… Depends on the kid. Clothes are not so bad when folded tight and put in a ziplock to keep dry. Towel if you are visiting Casey’s splash area. I’ve never gotten wet enough on Splash for a towel to be necessary. We wear ponchos on Kali River Rapids.

With a 4 year old, I’d be using a stroller, so pack as much as you can need and stow it below. I’d only pack as many snacks as you think you’d really need. Sunscreen is a must for me. On my last trip, I made pocket sized plans.

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