Best (back)pack?

What is the best pack/backpack/sling/etc to take to the parks?

I won’t be carrying a TON, but I do want something comfortable and that can hold things like ponchos, wallet, sunscreen, water bottles, etc.

I’d love to just go for the cutie Loungefly, but probably would be better with function over form in this case.

I currently carry a Vera Bradley mini backpack. It’s comfortable and non-obtrusive, but the pattern is a little loud for my taste. I’ve been looking at the loungfly, but it’s very stiff and bulky. Then I was thinking of getting this one, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

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Choose one with no more than two compartments. Multiple small areas can slow down your trip through bag check.


Nice! Something that hadn’t even occurred to me. Thanks!

I prefer a cross-body like this. Backpacks are nice, but I hate back-sweat. :slight_smile:


I like this one from Eddie Bauer. Very lightweight.


I use a Kavu rope sling bag as recommended by Liners. It works great for us! We do have a stroller where we keep extra diapers, etc. But most of our stuff is in the rope bag.

I also do the baggallini crossbody bags and I have a few Disney cinch bags, but I am most comfortable with my crossbody bags.

Here are the two I use:

This one can also be a “fanny pack” or “bum bag” depending on where live:

I Like the Loungefly bags because I don’t carry much. I also have a small Kipling Mary Poppins backpack and a slightly larger Kipling backpack. Both are very lightweight.

This is my favorite.

I’ve just gotten the Honeydukes bag, but I didn’t know how comfortable they would be in the parks all day long.

I’ve tried a few different options (regular Columbia backpack, cheap collapsible backpack, KAVU sling bag) and have settled on this one:

I haven’t taken it to WDW yet but I took it to a 3-day music festival this summer and to a local amusement park that is the size of HS and it worked out great. For the music festival I had my rain jacket, two spare ponchos, a bunch of different sunscreen options, two travel packs of wipes, small wallet, and a reusable water bottle (Kleen Kanteen) in the side pocket. At one point I also had a bottle of coke in the other side pocket. It’s roomy but not big enough to get heavy.

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I have this one – it’s really comfortable, doesn’t weigh me down, and is small enough that there really only is room for the bare essentials. But it fits my rather large water bottle. I also like the front pocket that makes my phone easily accessible, and that there’s a buckle for me to quickly slip it off and go through security.


I bought this backpack for our upcoming trip as well as this fanny pack. The backpack is super light weight and its smaller than the pics make it look. The crossbody backpack I purchased on my last trip was entirely too big, and actually hurt my shoulder. I can’t really give a review of the new one yet as I haven’t used it, but I’m pretty confident that it will work out fine.

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I wore a Loungefly all around the zoo once and it was fine. I’ve also been using my Haunted Mansion Loungefly as a purse when I’m out shopping and it has been comfortable. The only thing I don’t like is not having my phone as handy as in a small crossbody. On my next trip and I’m going to take both and alternate them.

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For the same reasons as @hmbhmbhmb I use the larger version. It is 15L capacity vs 10L. Additionally I really the ability to rotate it and add or remove items without taking it off. I sometimes use a backpack and the sling bag offers a notable advantage because of this


I’m really liking this one. I took my friend’s sling bag before and their access is so much easier than an actual backpack.

I’m going to be trying out this crossbody bag at my trip in two weeks, but can’t yet personally testify to how well it will work for the parks.

I absolutely LOVE it for everyday though! It’s got two top/exterior zippered full size pockets plus a center compartment with magnetic close. The center compartment has two cell-phone sized pouches plus a cinch pouch for a water bottle and lobster claw clasp for keys. It can hold two of my 8.5x11 planners and more, so it’s perfect for me. I’m hopeful that it will work perfectly, but it’s entirely possible it could be “too much bag”. For me it’s still better than a full size backpack though. Good luck finding what works for you! Do please let us know what you decided on and how it worked! :blush:

I have an older Baggallini that is very similar to this one.

Very comfortable for all day in the park. Have traveled the world with it. Nice mix of inside pockets for security and outside pockets for accessibility. Pockets on the ends carry water bottles or umbrellas. Plenty of room for sweater, ponchos, sunscreen, crumpled up hat, souvenirs, kids clothes, snacks, etc. Washable. Wipeable so you can set it on gross QS floors while you eat and wipe off the grime afterwards. Indestructible.

I love the cross body plan because I feel like backpacks make me hot. And I don’t like sling bags because, well, let’s just say I don’t like how they fit in the front.

I have this bag and I L O V E it for travel. It converts from an over the shoulder bag to a back pack (the back pack straps stow away if you don’t want them) and there are lots of different pockets and places to stow things. Two spots for water bottles, too. I love it so much!