Bell Services No Longer Holding Alcohol Deliveries

Minnesotans must be better rule followers. I had not known there were maniacs in this world that don’t return carts until I saw a meme about it recently. I prefer to live in world with sunshine and rainbows and cart corrals every 3 parking spaces like all the Targets around my house.


The craziest thing. We have a local chain, one of my favorites, Rouses. The location closest to me has ZERO cart corrals. You have to bring it all the way to the front of the store or leave it in the parking lot. It might not be the busiest location but the parking is narrow and deep, just 6 rows of parking but the lenght of a city block.
I never go there for a couple reasons but carts rolling into cars constantly is one of the biggest.


Thank you for posting this!

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I believe the GG Facebook page has a post about them still able to deliver alcohol without the customer being present. It said something about them being able to do that until Disney directly tells them otherwise. The website does not mention it.


On Garden Grocer’s FB:

Regarding Alcohol Delivery to Bell Services.

We were told from Bell Services that as long as we have the customer’s ID on file that we can place the Alcohol in a sealed brown or white bag and leave it with the Groceries. We will continue to do this until we hear different from Disney Management.