Beachcomber Shacks at Typhoon Lagoon

I’ve never made it to a water park or even a pool at WDW (or UOR) in my eight trips.

I was excited to see that H2O Glow Nights are back, but they’re only on Saturdays and that doesn’t work with my schedule.

So I’ve been wondering about renting a cabana at Typhoon Lagoon.

Anyone with any thoughts about or experience of these?

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Before splurging on the cabana, I’d probably evaluate how much time you’d actually use it. For example, if you plan on being there XX number of hours and spending a lot of time on the slides, waiting in line at the slides, being in the pool a lot then I’d say it’s probably not worth it. If you’re planning on a more relaxing trip to Typhoon Lagoon and are going to be sitting down for an extended period I would say it might be worth it. Personally I’m not an “all day” water park person and just like to hit up some slides and go in the pool so I have never seen the need to rent one.


@Jeff_AZ rented one didn’t they?

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I rented a chair at Volcano Bay. In general I think it’s a great idea if you can afford one. Not sure if TL offers a chair with an umbrella or if you need an entire cabana.

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Ah ok. Sorry! Didn’t mean to tag you in for no reason, lol!

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No worries! Still somewhat relevant.

If I’m willing to sacrifice time at WDW :open_mouth: a day at Volcano Bay (with cabana?) is a possibility. I’m staying at Aventura, which has a walking path to VB.

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The Cabanas look very appealing in this video…

I love that you can sit in your cabana and accrue tapu times.

I was thinking it would be neat to rent one at TL and thought about seeing who would be interested in going in with me. However, when H2O Glow Nights came out, I snagged that instead. No sun or blistering heat while swimming? Bring it on. Also, I don’t think I could realistically fit a whole day of water parks into my very short visit.


If you are going to be using the water park attractions, I’m not sure I’d rent the Shack. I’d rather save my money and sit at my hotel pool if I was just going to sit around.

I’ve done it at BB. Worth it even though we got another one as we were chosen to open the park and made honorary ski captain which came with its own cabin. I love being fed by someone from all the menu choices without having to wait in line. I ride all the slides first. Then chill out in the Cabana between loops of the lazy river so it’s very much worth it to me.

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Oh the VB ones upstairs are very much worth it. you get privacy and a giant fruit basket with cookies and such!

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What day are you going to H2O cuz I’m going too. I’d get a cabana for that even if they are available and you can hang with us even if you don’t pay. We’re going 6/18.

I’m going July 23rd. :slight_smile: but thanks for the offer!

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We have a beachcomber shack reserved for the day on 5/2 (hoping for good weather!). I do OK with heat, but I cannot stand to be in direct sun for long periods of time. I hate the idea of stressing about finding a couple of chairs together with a little shade, I need to know I will definitely have a place in the shade. I can let you know how it is, after our trip. I think it was around $320 for the day, and in Disney money, that’s quite a deal.


I realize this post is a little older but I’m throwing a reply your way since you have some experience with shacks at TL. We have a shack reserved for Tue, 8/16. I’m hoping that it’s going to be relaxing enough to recover from a late EP EEH the night before.

  1. Any tips on arrival? We’ve never rented one before.

  2. Have DS’s of 14, 11, 7. Any tips on which one to request if we have a choice? We’ve been to TL one time back in 2019 but I honestly don’t remember a ton about it.

  3. You said you like to get your shack, ride all the slides, and return and hang for the rest of the day at the shack / lazy river. This sounds perfect to me. Can you share any slide plans / best ways to move around the park to complete this plan?

  4. I’ve been reading that TL has not been all that busy. I wonder why. With BB closed I was expecting a crowded day.

  5. We’ll be coming from Beach Club. Any tips on travel? No car. Will need to bus or Uber I suppose. I think we need to go through Disney Springs?

Thank you all for any replies and help!

  1. We picked ours up at High and Dry which is number 20 on this map. As far as arriving to the park, if you can get there early I would but I wouldn’t sweat it if you need the sleep either. It’s your vacation…get some rest when you need it! :wink: The last time we went to Typhoon Lagoon we drove our own car and were one of the first people in line. We didn’t have a shack that time so we just grabbed some loungers by the surf pool and hightailed it to Crush n Gusher X all three versions (there was no Miss Adventure Falls). This time we had a rental car so drove again. However, last year we Lyfted to BB because the bus line at Yacht Club was huge and you have to catch a second bus from there (at least last summer you did). You may still have to do the double bus thing so ask about that and give yourself plenty of time if you want to RD by bus. I will say at BB last year we were first in line because we Lyfted and we got to open the park by riding down Summit Plummet which was a neat experience looking down on everyone behind the rope waiting for you to ride before they can come in. I don’t know if TL does something similar since you can’t really see any of the slides like BB.

  2. Our cabin was in the set of Cabanas on the bottom center of the map above. Next to Leaning Palms restaurant (#13) (which is where your server food will come from if that’s your area). The whole area is closed off and there is a circular area inside with several shacks. We had the higher priced premium shack (I believe there are two types of premiums, one of which has a TV and fan) so we were actually further back on a narrow path with lots of foliage and privacy. It’s out of the way of everything except an entrance to the lazy river which was great for me but if you want to be more centrally located you may want to request the other area by the surf pool. They do have the preassigned but if someone hasn’t checked in yet or they aren’t fully booked they are pretty accommodating. They were very helpful with us.

  3. I’d follow this touringplan personally during the day: Typhoon Lagoon One-Day Touring Plan for Adults (
    but we did in circular order during the nighttime party starting with lazy river then: Crush n Gusher X 1 version, Miss Adventure Falls, 1 of the Storm Slides skipping Humunga Cowabunga, Gangplank Falls, Mayday Falls, Keelhaul Falls and then I got in the Surf Pool and caught the DJ out there. The only line was for Gangplank Falls which was 30-45 minutes range…I can’t remember exactly. When we RD’d a few years ago we followed TPs plan and we didn’t really wait for anything. We were done with all the slides including all the versions of Crush n Gusher and Storm Slides and we rode Humunga Cowabunga (mom lost her magic band on that one so be careful) in about 2 hours having the rest of the day for the lazy river and surf pool and relaxing.

  4. It wasn’t bad for us but we did do the nighttime party.

  5. I’d honestly get the Uber/Lyft. It’s just simpler since you have to do the double bus thing switching at Disney Springs…I think you’re right about that (unless it’s just that the Disney Springs bus continues to TL). I don’t know because we drove. But give yourself at least an hour if you’re going to do the bus. I did get my boys a Lyft back (one of them was 18 and the other 17) when DH locked the keys in his car and we had an early morning for WAT in AK the next day so I wanted them to get some rest while we waited for the car service to help us out. They were back to the BWI in like 10-15 minutes…much much faster than the bus!


Thank you so much for all of this.

We also have our first shack rental coming up and I was worried about how much of a crush there is to get set up at opening. We have done Volcano Bay cabanas a few times and have learned we really need to have one person sacrifice their EE slide time to RD the concierge bc that line moves SLOWLY.

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Yes, that line was worse…I’ve done the cabanas there too. BUT this was also a nighttime party so there was noone in line ahead of me. It might be worse at RD for morning. I still don’t think it’s going to be like VB because you don’t have to also get the bands. That part was time consuming.

We did the BB version of cabanas too last summer but since we were the first family in we got to go over there before anyone else was let in the park. We were escorted like the royalty for the day we were LOL. J/K.

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Thank you this helps a lot. Didn’t know / couldn’t find the TL premium TP. Got it.

Going to take Uber / Lyft - Check.

Does anybody know if TL is included in early entry?