Beach Club vs POFQ

Tell me about the Beach Club please!

I need to decide between POFQ and the Beach Club.

I love the Beach Club. It obviously has a low key seaside theme, a beautiful lobby, the biggest and most exciting pool on property, walking distance to two parks and all the Boardwalk resorts (for dining etc). Character breakfast at Cape May, with seafood buffet at night.

There’s a smallish “off the beaten track” lounge and a huge solarium for curling up with a book! All the benefits of the YC onsite, it’s effectively one resort, with Beaches and Cream dividing the two!

The only cons I can think of, not to me personally but for some would be:

The pool is great for kids who can swim. If you have very little ones it could be exhausting. If you have pre-teens and want to keep tabs on them froma dckchair it isn’t ideal. The entrance to the slide is out of the pool area, and the kiddie slide and pool is also across the main path to Epcot.

There’s no QS food court / largeish cafe with seating. You can take your food to the solarium or outside, but there’s limited offerings for a meal.

Not all the rooms have balconies.

My 7 year old is a proficient swimmer. No worries there. She swims better than me.

No quick service food court?! How do you eat?

We LOVED Beach Club last year. The Marketplace does have a small QS area, they serve a few options for breakfast and pizza/flatbread for lunch/dinner. There is also a QS at the pool, Hurricane Hannahs, that serves lunch and dinner. You are also within a quick walk to Epcot, so there is another option.

Plus the Boardwalk, Swan & Dolphin etc.

But it isn’t like the value or moderate QS places where you have a choice of loads of different options in one place.

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I wasn’t going to purchase Park Hoppers, but I may have to reconsider that as well since it will be the Food & Wine Festival while we are there!

DH is a hefty eater. He would eat dinner with us at the parks and then eat again at the QS at POP right before bed. I need to find some good late night food options for him that isn’t pizza every night.

My mind is blown. MVT was able to get me a reservation for Beach Club only $517 more expensive than POFQ.

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We LOVE the Beach Club as well - last stay was in October. We have also stayed at POFQ - I really enjoy POFQ but if money isn’t a strong consideration, I vote Beach Club. The boats to the back of Epcot and DHS are super handy, you can walk to Epcot and the Boardwalk area as well, and the pool is the best on property IMHO. There are also some amazing restaurants at the Swan & Dolphin, both of which are easily accessible by boat or walking path.

The store / counter service food is pretty good (pricey, of course), and Beaches & Cream is a must do. The sit-down restaurant (Cape May Cafe) is expensive but rarely crowded and has characters at breakfast. The theming is great and the rooms are bright and pretty roomy (definitely bigger than POFQ).

One inconvenient thing is that it’s quite a walk from Beach Club to the front of Epcot. We actually used the Minnie Van for our dinner reservation at the Mexico Pavilion because there was no other quick way to get there.

A plus at POFQ is the “water taxi” to DS and POR. The food court as POFQ is also good and has a nice variety of tasty things. We found the bus service pretty good and the resort is the smallest of the moderates so it doesn’t feel too giant or crowded.

I’m sure you’ll have a great time no matter what :smile:

Can’t you go from Beach Club to the International Gateway entrance at Epcot?

Yes but then it’s a walk all the way “around the world” to Mexico. My traveling companion had some blisters and it looked like about 10 miles from her perspective… The boats that go across the lagoon are pretty sporadic so it was worth $20 for us to go from the hotel front door to the front of Epcot. (It’s $25 now).

Also if you’re at the Beach Club and it’s Food & Wine I would definitely get hoppers. It’s a blast just to go hang out and grab snacks and drinks at the end of the day!


This is fantastic!

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I thought so!
It’s a standard room so I will probably be looking at rooftops or something terrible.

Absolutely! We went to Epcot 3 days and found the distance walking from BCV into the countries to be quite minimal. I think it is probably further to walk from the front gate to the Mexico pavilion than it is to walk from BC to Mexico from the IG entrance. Off to google see for sure. :smile:

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That’s okay! We always book standard and it has never bothered me yet.

For the time being I have 2 reservations - POFQ direct thru Disney and Beach Club thru MVT. I need to make a decision soon I guess.

I’m really hung up on the food part at the time being. All the QS food options seem spread out. Am I overthinking this?

We don’t eat much at QS or food courts, so to me it was a non-issue. How often would you go to a food court if there was one there? We eat mostly TS, and there is plenty of that around Beach Club.

We are in a very similar situation. Did POFQ last year and loved it. We decided on BC this time as grandma is coming too. My DH also likes to eat again right before bed and I was concerned, but decided if necessary we could do room service. Some of the room service kids meals seemed like they would work well without being extraordinarily expensive. It also looked like the beach club market has cold sandwiches and yogurt and such for sale along with pizza station.

We eat in the room about 1/2 of the trip, maybe 1-2 breakfast TS, and a handful of breakfasts at the food court. On a 10 day trip, maybe 4-5 breakfasts.

Less of an issue for me, and more of an issue for DH who will want a substantial midnight snack…

I’m probably over thinking it. Me and DD would be fine with a pop tart and a banana. DH wants eggs to order and meat and fruit and etc etc!! LOL