Beach Club transportation

We are staying in a Beach Club room in March. Sounds like HS is allowing entry before the 30min EE. I’m wondering what’s the fastest way to HS in the morning? Can anyone remind me how far BC is from HS if we were to walk? I’ll have an energetic 5yo and 7yo. They are morning people, and will be very excited, but need to make sure they still have energy left by the time we get to the park. Is the bus, the boat or Uber/driving ourselves the best option?

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Walking is by far going to be your best option. You can leave when you want, you can completely control when you get to the park.

Driving or Uber will not be good. They don’t open the parking toll gates until sometimes the time that the park/ticket gates actually open. You end up way behind walkers and buses.

I don’t know if Beach Club has busses to HS. If I recall, they tell you that it’s boat transportation (unless bad weather).

I also don’t know how early the boats start running. You really can control your destiny best when you don’t have to rely on public transportation.

Just my bias (and experience).

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You’ll also be able to walk to the IG entrance at Epcot and take the skyliner to HS. It should take about 25 minutes. It might save the little legs from too much walking to start the day. We did that over Thanksgiving and loved it.


I would walk. It will take you about 20-25 mins


Did that get you to DHS in time to be in the park when they first opened the gates for early entry people? That would be good if so.

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With a 5 & 7 year old, I would take the boat so they aren’t too tired before you get there.

Second the boat option. if they are not running as early as you want to go (the times seem a bit uncertain?), then you always have the option to walk.

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The boat is great for strollers as well- no folding/unfolding.

We found the morning walk to be rather pleasant when we were there in 2019. The boats were just a bit too slow for me, and the Skyliner didn’t exist then. We will be there in April, not sure what we will do on our HS day, but I’ll probably be either walk or take the Skyliner from IG.

@troyo - How are the crowds getting onto the Skyliner at rope drop, and then again at the Caribbean transfer station?

@mikejs78…We got to the HS gates right around 8:30 both mornings, so we definitely weren’t at the front of the EE crowd. (We breezed through security and entrance though.) We only had to wait in line about 5-8 minutes to get on the skyliner at IG.

@troyo Can I ask what time you left BC? Had wondered what time skyliner started running.

Molly and crew from allears did a video with the fastest way to get from beach club to Hollywood studios. Skyliner is the worst option. We stayed at BC in June with two energetic and active boys, 6 and 9, and one morning we did walk but it was not a good call. They were very tired out by mid morning, it is a good 20-25 min walk! The other morning we took the boat. It filled up at Beach club and we went straight to HS. The boats start running significantly earlier than what they advertise so I would just get in line for the boat at 7:05 and you should be at HS by 7:30. The boat is the way to go!

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We stayed at BC in December with our 5 yo, 9 yo and 12 yo. Walking in the morning was the easiest - took us about 18-20 min (we walk a bit fast), but we had a stroller. The 5 yo would be in the stroller in the am, and by the end of the day the 9yo was also usually asking to be in the stroller for some walking breaks (it’s a small double stroller, bench in the back and “full” stroller in the front). To come back to the hotel we almost always took the boat, and once took the skyliner to Epcot. I agree Skyliner is worst option in the morning to get to HS.

There were definitely boats passing by when my sister and I walked earlier this month. We left BCV at 7:40 so they were running well before that!

When I stayed at BC in June 2021 with four kids aged 2-9, we walked because we wanted to control our destiny. This was before early entry, so we arrived right before the gates opened and were toward the back-middle of the rope drop crowd. It was about a 20-min walk from the DVC portion of BC.

I would recommend having a stroller, even an umbrella stroller, that your kids can take turns riding in. My older two kids (7 and 9) were fine but complained a bit during the walk. The younger two (2 and 5) were in our double stroller.

When we walked, we never saw a boat pass us on three different days, so that option must have changed since then. We could see the skyliner running on at least one day, but the CM had told us the night before that it wouldn’t run until an hour before Epcot opening. I think that was a lie, based on other reports, and in any case procedure seems to have changed.

Take the Skyliner (or boat) back to BC. So convenient the other way, usually no wait except at park close.

We’ve stayed at BCV for the past several years now.

We walk to DHS in the mornings, and of course to EP.

We boat back to YC/BC at the end of the morning or afternoon, if the boat is docked or we see it headed our way. (Sit outside on the boat veranda if you can, for best views.)

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how terrible would it be to RD MK from BC?
Is there only one bus and it leaves one hour after park open, and it picks up from three other resorts, and it has square wheels and it ate my sister once and…

Be out there for first bus and you’ll be fine


Will you have a stroller? We stayed at Beach Club with a 3 and 5 year old a few years ago and loved being able to walk - we put the kids in the stroller, gave them some breakfast croissants from the Boardwalk Bakery, and headed over. It was a lovely start to the day. My only recommendation is make sure you know where you’re going in advance because we didn’t, got lost, the walk took 45 minutes, we missed rope drop, and then I was in a bad mood for half the morning because my Touring Plan was all messed up.

Although you might be more mature than I am. :slight_smile:


I think we all can relate, maturity level aside :joy: