Beach Club Resort closed March 2021?

Disney guest services called today to tell me the Beach Club Resort will be closed for our March 2021 trip. This is a back up back up to our May 2020 trip, turned Nov 2020 trip that I’m just not sure of, so decided to put a reservation down for March 2021. I booked a deluxe room for our family of 6. They switched us to a 2 br villa. I am NOT complaining - I’m super happy about that! BUT I’m wondering why the resort will still be closed in 7 months? That’s not great news right? Or do you think it’s just for refurbishment or something?

Don’t know about BC, but I know that I had to change resorts for April 2021, no POFQ at that time.

I am surprised they called you this far in advance - but I’m not too surprised that the hotel isn’t going to be open. They haven’t announced the opening date for several of the resorts, and they pushed back the opening date for a couple more. The only resorts that will reliably be open are the DVC portions.

I suspect what they are doing is consolidating all existing reservations into the hotels that they currently have operating. At some point in the next six months if reservations increase or stabilize, they will open one or more resorts at a time to new reservations. I wouldn’t be surprised if BC is among those that opens first when travel starts picking up - maybe even in time for your March trip.


Ooh - I’ve been thinking of booking a BCV for March 2021. That makes me wonder. Is Stormalong Bay open yet? If not, I wonder if it will be open by then. If not, maybe we should head somewhere else.

(This’ll be a reschedule from our cancelled March 2020 trip. I’m nervous as all get-out that things won’t be better by then)

SAB is not open right now.

When the YC opens on Aug 24th, they may open SAB then. But equally, since BWI isn’t opening either they may just have the villas pool and quiet pools open at BC / YC and allow everyone to go over and use the Boardwalk pools.

SAB is expensive to operate and needs a lot of life guards, nearly all of whom come from the College Programme which is cancelled for Fall. My guess is that SAB won’t open until much later - until the time they decide to open the BC resort side.


This makes sense. They are likely choosing to open the (non-DVC) resorts based on the ones that are least costly/most profitable to operate first.

Care to throw out an estimate? We’re booked at YC late April 2021 for the sole purpose of trying out SAB.


My personal opinion is that SAB will be open when the NBA clears out, particularly if travel ticks up. There’s a decent chance by Christmas that it will be open. But this is 2020 we’re talking about, so take any predictions with a kitchen sink of salt. :wink:


I think SAB will open when both the BC and YC are open. Which in turn depends on how quickly people start returning.

But towards Christmas / early January is my best guess on that.


I’ll take your kitchen sink and raise it to a bath tub of salt. :wink: This is 2020 after all, all bets are off.


There is so much that can happen between now and March 2021, but I think SAB being closed may be the thing we cannot live without. We are fine with social distancing, masks, no fireworks, no parades and no meal plans, even the water parks being closed. The one thing my teens need after a day at the parks is a good swim in a good pool. WAAAHHH!!

As of now our state has heavy travel bans so everything is up in the air anyway.

On a positive note, things could be looking up come March so trying to stay positive as this trip is what is keeping us going through these times.

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Sorry to pick this thread back up… are you saying Dec 2021?
If BC is closed in March, and you’re thinking SAB won’t open until BC and YC are open, are we looking at almost two years of closure?! Yikes.

I think I’d better do some more reading before we commit to anything. I have DVC points to spend, and probably want to pick something by end of August. Trying to make plans now, for 7 months from now, with no certainty about anything, is really hard!

No, Christmas this year.

I think BC will open before then, assuming bookings for the Holidays time pick up. Once demand for the YC exceeds availability then they’ll open BC or possibly BWI.

And once BC opens, then SAB will open.

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But…my beignets…


I’ll just chime in and say that they might as well wait to reopen SAB until late Feb/early March 2021. January is not worth it (the staffing and short hours) since it can be pretty chilly out. When we stayed there a few years ago in January, they closed the pool at 6 on some nights. That was very disappointing!

This is all so weird.

@Nickysyme Nicky prophesying again!



But I also posted above that they’d open it when the BC resort opened. Maybe they decided that they need SAB open in order to entice people back to the sister resorts.

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Now we will definitely have the Luna Park pool to ourselves in October!

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Hooray! We’ll be their next month and I had just written off as not going to happen