Be Out Guest breakfast ?!?!?!

I read a rumor (Doctor Disney) that BOG will start serving breakfast March 20th, and ADRs would be available March 11th.

Well, no ADRs today, but looking on MDE on my phone I actually do see a menu for Breakfast, although I don’t see it on the main website.

So maybe breakfast will be available soon… :wink:

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Yes that was announced this morning. I called the ADR line and she checked and said there were no breakfast times loaded in the system but I’d expect to see them at some point very soon.

I’ve been so busy I didn’t hear the announcement. However i just checked and there’s still no availability (for late July anyway)

Wow, I hadn’t heard this, although someone on the January live WDWToday podcast said something about a BOG ADR for breakfast. When they said it, I scoffed. Maybe they knew something and weren’t sharing…or not.

This is the updated article that OP referenced.

The part that says you can pre order on MDE 30 days in advance, plus they use the term ADR (for quick service). I never payed attention to all the Fast Pass/preorder of BoG lunch so now I feel like I won’t know what to do!!???
I think I’d like my DD & I to try breakfast (maybe pre-park opening) in August. (We are on the DDP).
Has anyone seen a kid’s menu?

I have seen it on MDE on my phone - looks like pretty standard fare. Here is a screenshot:

Plus waffles, which doesn’t show on the screen.

oh awesome. Thanks so much! My DD will definitely like that menu. I really want to make this work. I hope I can figure it out.

I also have a DH and baby. I know the baby can come and not be charged, but DH would eat a bagel and I really don’t want to spend a QS credit on a single bagel (if they even serve bagels?) Could he come to help me with the kids and not be charged a credit?

That I don’t know. If he doesn’t eat, I would think he wouldn’t get charged, just like any other QS. However, since there is the basket of pastries, they might want to charge him anyway. I would put him on the ADR, and ask when you get there to confirm, since if you ask the dining phone line they might not know or have the correct answer.

Mine is showing an adult menu at $20 fix price Sorry but for that amount I will eat at the wave instead. The fact you can’t just get a cup if coffee on its own etc will put alot of people off. I mean $20 for cs eggs or oatmeal and a pastry is too much.


MDE is now showing BOG “Breakfast 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM” (but no reservations available yet). Hopefully we can make reservations very soon.

@BearsMom2011 , can you see it now?

I can only see the menu on my phone app not the web site

no menu on web site at the moment Looks like its taking bookings soon

thanks for the link @mumcalsop. reservations from March 17.

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Good link! This one has some pictures of some menu items!

The blogger keeps dodging the question of what time. It’s fine to say “I don’t know”, but don’t keep silent so that people think you just missed it, and repeat the same question over and over.

I’m going to monitor at tonight. I’ll never forget when BOG lunch launched at 1am, when everyone set their alarms for 5:50am anticipating a normal 6am launch.


Was going to try for it until I saw the pictures but honestly as yummy as that donut looks $20. for a donut, banana, drizzle, pastry and coffee. I have a hard time rationalizing such an expenditure