Be Our Guest-QSR?

Holy moly. I feel like I have won the lottery.

I just scored a reservation for 4 of us for Breakfast QSR. So can you tell me what QSR is and will I still be in the dining room. Looks like I can order ahead as well.


I believe Quick Service Reservation. Yes you are in the dining room


Congrats! I love Be Our Guest breakfast . I would preorder, it saves time. There are three rooms and you can sit anywhere there is an open seat but make sure you walk through all three rooms!


I really can’t believe how excited I am about this. I had pretty much given up.

Now I was even able to move it up an hour so it works better with our FP. I am going to preorder for sure. Is it ok to split meals??


Yes, they are not large portions but they give you pastries too. It is fine to split!

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They give you the pastries even with QSR?

Yes! Every table gets them!

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Perfect! Thank you so much for your help

All the breakfast and lunch reservations are quick service, or QSR, just so you know. It’s a table service restaurant at dinner but not during the day.

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You HAVE won the lottery!! Congratulations @Stewart136!!! Enjoy and have a great time!

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Thanks!!! It’s great to be able to come here. Very few people IRL understand how big this really is!!!:wink:


Did you get to see any characters?

There are no characters at breakfast or lunch, and only the Beast at dinner.

Thank you. I was able to find a 915 dinner reservation but I’m worried that it’s too late to see the beast. I’m probably overthinking it, but isn’t he in the parade?
Total newbie here :joy:

I don’t watch parades but I think he is.

:+1:thank you

I don’t think it will be too late to see him though.

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I believe the beast will be greeting guests in his library until the last guest has left the castle. He is definitely in the parade.

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Thank you ! I was thinking there was a 2nd parade but I guess there isn’t.

Not for a while now, as in a few years.

There is a very strong rumour that there will be a new parade in time for the 50th. Whether that will be a night-time one I don’t know.