Be our guest breakfast ADR while early morning magic haeppening

Hi, we have ADRs at BOG for 8 am in OCtober and just realized it’s the same morning as as early morning magic in fantasyland. Will we still be able to get in line early for 7 dwarves or do we have to wait until 9am when park opens? Thanks for your help!

This same situation happened to us in January. We finished eating by 8:40, went outside and lined up beside the side wall of SDMT. At approx 8:57, just before the Castle openung show finished they allowed the line of us to enter the SDMT standby queue. (EMM guests were using the FP queue.) We pretty much walked right on but just got the 1 ride in as the regular guests had arrived by the time we rode once.

It was still worth it to us and I would do it again as we went directly to Peter Pan and rode that with little wait. Sane with Winnie the Pooh. We rode 5 rides in the first hour the park was open!


It is possible, and since the EMM is a payed event, you can be sure your park hours won’t change for that day.


We have the same setup in July - was torn on keeping BOG as a result, but decided to do it anyway to get on 7DMT early (just not as early as on non-EMM days) and since we haven’t experienced BOG yet, it gives us a chance to see it. YMMV may vary, but it still seems like reasonable value, just not maximum value…



I just notice that I’m having the some problem…

For our 1st visit in August, we have ADR at BOG for 8:05 and just notice there is EMM that same day

I was expecting to arrived Fantasyland before the park opens and ride some attractions before, is it still worth going?

I also don’t understand that in the EMM information they mention 7:45 to 10:00, but the park opens at 9:00. Will they close Fantasyland for EMM?

EMM is such a small # of people that it shouldn’t impact you too much. You’ll be able to get to Fantasyland before the massive RD crowd. Most of the EMM folks will have moved on by then. Fantasyland isn’t closed for the EMM folks - they will have to use stand by just like everyone else. Breakfast is available for them until 10am.

Hope this helps.

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Some good advice and answers in this thread: BOG breakfast on an EMM day

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@SillySamsMom and @chails thank you both for your advices. I fell a bit less stressed and think this is still a good option.


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