Be Our Guest ADRs in May 2022 Not Available?

Our trip is coming up on April 30th, 2022 and Be Our Guest for Dinner is one of our must haves. I have gotten up for the past 3 mornings at 5:45ET to try and get a reservation, but there are 0 reservations available at 60 + 10 days out or any other day/time in May 2022 that I can check.

I have thankfully been able to get every other ADR that we wanted that are normally harder (e.g. Oga’s at 60+4, Space 220 at 60 + 9, etc.), but Be Our Guest has no reservations at 60+6 and 60+10 available when checking at 6:00:01ET ?!? I don’t get it.

Is there something going on with Be Our Guest in May where they are pre-booked or closed the restaurant dining reservations that I just don’t know about? I am hoping that someone can shed some light on it here.


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I have heard this from a few folks now, that there are no reservations for any time of day on any date during their trip at that time period.

There’s something going on there. Not sure what it is, but I would say keep trying on the daily (even if not at 6 am) and keep checking back here in case there is any news released about it.


I would also set up a Touring Plans reservation finder. If they are holding back reservations and drop them later you will know when that happens.


@OBNurseNH - Thank you for the reply.

I hate not knowing what is going on for one of our must haves for our trip and there is no news anywhere that I can find.

@PrincipalTinker - I have already done that but it won’t start checking until 60 days out. I guess I will have to keep checking manually while I am in my 60+ day window.

Has anyone else been able to get a reservation or had the same experience as me?

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I’ve been trying also and seeing nothing starting from May 9–it’s not just you!
Only wishful thinking I’m sure…maybe they are bringing back the QS breakfast and lunch! (Probably not but one can dream.)


Surely they won’t be shutting this restaurant down for refurbishment, right?

They just did one I feel like, not long before the pandemic shut down, when it went to prix fixe

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QS breakfast and lunch would be fine as long as they keep reservations for dinner so that we get to see Beast.

Same! That’s actually what we are hoping to snag this time. (My ideal wish would be restore QS but keep Beast! Not likely though.)

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I had this same problem with Artist Point on our last trip, they were just slow to load reservations. It did eventually come up.

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Hopefully it is something about bringing back breakfast… My 60 Day mark is coming up next week and I am ready to fight for a reservation at BOG :smiley:


We were last week and the beast runs through so fast right now we couldn’t even get a photo that he wasn’t blurry and you have to stay seated and he doesn’t walk by all the tables. I was surprised and so were the dinners around us. I personally didn’t think it was a good experience at all and we have gone to many modify character experiences since COVID and have been very happy. You might already know all this but wanted to let you know.


UPDATE on 3/3/22 - I tried again this morning at 6:00:01 AM for 60+10 days right and there was no ADRs at BOG for any time slot throughout the day. They must have not dropped the reservation blocks yet for any of these days in May yet. I will keep trying though each day until the reservation finder works in 10 days. Bummer!

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Same! Hope if there’s some big change afoot it’s a good one!

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NOTICE/UPDATE on 3/3 10:30AM EST: The reservations for May just dropped!! Have reserving!!

I looks like there are no reservations slots from 4PM to 5:40PM though. Click on the 6PM window to find the 5:40 slots.


Yeah it’s still a little hinky.
I’m not quite at the point where I can book the date I want yet BUT I did get offered a 3:55 for May 5 when I checked dinner availability.

I was just coming here to say I just saw this on a FB group.

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UPDATE on 3/4 at 6:01 AM - My morning troubles continue. When they “released the reservation blocks” yesterday on 3/3 at around 10:30 AM EST, I couldn’t get quite get my preferred 60+10 dinner reservation at BOG for May 13th since I was 1 day too early. So, I had to wait to this morning for my preferred 60+10 ADR time slot. I jumped right on when I woke up and I checked right at 6:00:01 AM EST and there are no reservations at all (and for any day in May) again!?!?. As @GreyingMouser said it above, “yeah, it is still hinky”. It appears that “Disney IT did bite me” (as one of my friends would say) this morning.

I will have to go back to using the Touring Plans reservation finder feature again. Hopefully it works just as well this time as it did yesterday.

The good news is, I did snag a May 1st reservation at BOG while the reservations were briefly available yesterday. If that is the only ADR that I can get, I will just have to adjust our schedule around a little bit.

Did anyone else grab a BOG reservation while the ADRs were available yesterday?

Has anyone ever seen that were they released the reservation block and now appear to have removed it again?


I concur. The May block is gone now but it was there yesterday.