BCV Refurb starting Jan 7th

According to the DVC website the refurb is starting this weekend and lasting until April.

Fingers crossed they replace the sofa beds with the Murphy wall beds, even though this is a soft goods refresh only. They did at the Poly so I really hope they do.

From the DVC website:

From January 7, 2023 through early April 2023, Disney’s Beach Club Villas will undergo refurbishment. During this time, Resort amenities will remain available for your enjoyment. While you may see or hear construction during daytime hours, you should not hear noise from Guest rooms between dusk and 9:00 AM.



I will be staying in a dedicated 2BR in May. If they install Murphy wall beds, would that include the sofa in the living area? The dedicateds already have two actual beds in the second bedroom.

I wonder if this means they have completed BR now.

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I believe that’s what I saw SSR had when I was looking at it earlier today.


Oh you’re right – I watched a walk-through video of SSR recently.



It would include the studios and the living room sofa beds.

I don’t expect the twin size Murphy bed to be added to the living rooms though. That would require a major redesign (and even then the layout doesn’t really work).

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It’s about time- BCV really needs it.

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Photos from someone who just checked into a refurbished room! Still due to be completed in April.

As expected, the Queen Murphy beds are replacing the sofa beds.


Does anyone know when regular BC rooms have been refurbed, or if there are plans for it?


I love this! The Murphy bed is such a great improvement and I love the artwork with Donald and the nephews at Stormalong Bay with Boardwalk in the background!

I hope we see a 2BR sometime. The layout is completely different so I imagine there will be differences.


I’m not sure it will be a whole lot different.

Same white bedding. Same art work behind the new Murphy bed.

There should be some new artwork elsewhere I guess. And the decor in the living room and bedrooms could be more extensive.

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What I’m looking for specifically is how the living room will be. I hope the sofa bed is replaced like it is in the studios. There is some speculation about adding a fifth sleeper for 1BRs (and maybe 2BRs) as well.

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The sofa bed will be replaced. It’s been replaced in the studios so will be replaced in the living rooms.

The 5th sleeper is highly unlikely. This is a soft goods refurb and normally that would not have included the sofa beds replacement but the Poly set the tone for that and it looks to be standard now for any kind of refurb.

But adding a 5th sleeper would require that the breakfast bar be ripped out, as in SSR. That would only happen in a full refurb. I actually think it’s unlikely anyway, because the room configuration would still be a problem - the doorway into the master bedroom would still be partially blocked.

BWV has the same issue with the 5th sleeper.

And what happens with a 1-bed would also be the case for a 2-bed anyway. The living room for both is always the same.

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I hope they kept snoozing Donald on the pull-down twin!!


Work on the 4th floor looks to be complete. Latest reports say just lots of housekeeping equipment along the hallways etc.

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Just wanted to reintroduce this–I’m also interested in the answer.

It’s not showing on the current refurb list, so it’s not likely to be particularly imminent. That said, the Poly and GF hotel refurbs coincided or immediately followed the villas refurbs and vice/versa.


Some articles said they will be refurbed, but I think they might just be mixing it up with the villas…

I found a video showing the current rooms as new in mid 2015, and one site said they were refurbed in late 2015 through 2016.

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There was a permit filed this week for “general construction” at BCV. Suggests that the refurb could be re-starting soon (although the permit lasts for a year).

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Qiestion - did these start and stop, so they are only halfway done? Making spring break reservations in a week and want to make sure to get a Murphy bed! So will pass on BCV if there is a risk.

(My family really wants Poly anyway, so I may just go with their pick)