BCV Refurb starting Jan 7th

Yes, started at the top. 4th & 5th floors are done.

I tried asking for a refurb room for DS and his pal but they didn’t get it. But it is due to restart so by Spring Break they should be done.


Rumor a while back was that the refurb was originally supposed to be completed by the spring of this year, but then room availability suddenly appeared for that time frame and was taken from September - October, so the buzz was that the rest of the refurb was pushed back to fall. Not sure if there has been any further information on reserved inventory lasting later than that.


I posted somewhere a little while ago that a permit was filed for general construction at BCV, suggesting work was about to restart. Nothing has been officially said but then nothing was said about the pause either.

We got a refurbished 1-bed on the 4th floor a few weeks ago. We just requested an upper floor away from the smoking areas, as we have 2 who are violently allergic. We got an upper … directly over the smoking area. I digress.

They were looking so tired, I really hope they start up again. The changes really aren’t that substantial (although it definitely has a nice refreshed feel) except for swapping the murphy bed for the pull-out. That change is huge, though. It’s so much more comfortable. I feel as if the way they put the art on the murphy bed was a total blunder. It was already coming out of the frame from people trying to push it back up on the picture instead of the side. I was about to do the same thing myself (it’s a natural place to push) when I noticed.

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