Bay Lake Tower really full for May 2022? (Non dvc)

Maybe an insider here would know—we have a Grand Flo standard room booked for second week of May 2022 but we were really hoping to grab a 1BR villa at BLT. Even this far out BLT has absolutely no availability, not even a studio. Could this be because Disney hasn’t yet released non-DVC cash rooms for this resort? I am hopeful we can switch over (not that GF is a terrible option, but we’re priced out of those villas!)

I think it is too early for cash BLT rooms.


I’m hoping! We had also checked beach club villas and some of those just opened over the last 2 days. Back in 2018 I booked BLT for May over a year in advance but I know lots of things are wonky with booking this year.

This is correct.

Those rooms, if any are available, should become available for booking in September.

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Consider, how many banked DVC points are out there. I suspect DVC owners will be occupying every room throughout 2022.

Hey girl! Do you know when Dec 22 becomes available? Thanks~

It’s 7 months ahead of whenever you’re traveling. Owners at home resorts (not just BLT) have exclusive option from 11 months to 7 months ahead as per their ownership at that resort.


Thank you~

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I believe Disney can now use all of the inventory associated with the Wish booking points?

The Disney inventory of rooms is completely separate from the DVC inventory, so the 7-11 month period shouldn’t affect it.

Disney might not have released inventory at BLT yet for booking, but I think they can do.

For example I can book just now for 14 days at several DVC resorts starting the 27th May 2022 direct with Disney. After that it’s just Riviera, suggesting that’s the undeclared rooms they’re selling.

And for that last week in May I can book 14 nights at OKW, SSR, Kidani, GFV, Copper Creek plus Riviera.

I know the U.K. travel agencies only confirm OKW bookings at 11 months out, although they will accept bookings before that. That’s because DIsney won’t confirm their block of rooms until then.

This directly contradicts what I have been told when trying to book rooms for clients at DVC resorts. I know we can’t always rely on what we are told on the phone, so I definitely concede that. But it has always held that way for me, and stuff becomes available at 7 months so that’s what I have been going by.

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I realise that. But do you get any villas available for the last week in May if you go online? Like I said I just got several options and went all the way through to the payment page for GFV.

I am going next August and only Riveria has rooms of the DVC’s because I was to price compare with Grand Floridian, Beach Club and Boardwalk and none of those are showing any availability nor is Poly. I think all the others were also unavailable this far in advance.

I haven’t had occasion to search, so I can’t say as I have.

I understand what you’re saying though

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Yes, the latest I can book for a 14 night stay is starting the 27th May.

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Which is still more than 7 months out but less than 11 months. Also in the past I’m pretty sure DVC was available more than 11 months in advance. I read somewhere Disney owns a percentage of the DVC and it’s a separate pool of rooms so yeah either all those are fully booked or they are going to allot more to DVC owners because of backed up points maybe? I would expect some of them to become available but when I go to look at renting points it’s bleak out there

Disney still have to follow DVC rules, they are the owner of those points. So they can’t, or shouldn’t be able to, book further out than 11 months.

They can’t use the DVC inventory though until 60 days out, although they can “anticipate” some points not being used but would have to release the rooms if it became clear members would be using them.

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To add to my reply, @jennyturin, what they can do is what happens in the U.K. They could possibly accept conditional bookings which would only be confirmed at 11 months out. Not sure if they would do that in the US though.

They do it here because packages go on sale here up to 18 months ahead. They’re usually released in December / January for booking up to the summer of the following season (often it would be until October). So if you book OKW it would be subject to confirmation, and you could be told it isn’t available - if for some reason the rooms that the TA had agreed with Disney was amended.

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Your post made me wonder….so the rules say that they can’t book before ANY dvc members? Dedicated weeks are at 12 months?

Guaranteed weeks were a new offering, whereby they were booked ahead of the 11 month window for points reservations.

But nevertheless, as far as I understand it when Disney use their own points to sell DVC rooms, they have to / are supposed follow the rules around points reservations like any other member.