Bay Lake Tower really full for May 2022? (Non dvc)

Sounds like I should just keep checking and definitely check at the 7 month mark? Just seemed wild as I booked in June 2017 for May 2018 at BLT—but I guess that was around 11 months out. At that point BLT had rooms in every category open except the 3 bedroom and maybe the theme park view rooms, this year they show Nada for May 2022! I mean it could very well be full of dvc who didn’t book last year, it’s a great resort!

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The availability through Disney has nothing to do with DVC owners’ inventory. It just means either Disney hasn’t released the rooms at BLT yet or they’re all booked. I suspect the former.

Definitely keep checking, and make sure you haven’t got any special offer checked on your search options.

UPDATE! BLT finally opened up and we got the room we wanted. Thanks to all that encouraged me to keep checking.