Bank Error in Your Favor!

Anyone else get this? My eyes glazed over on the 2022 points/breakerage convo the other day so I’m not going to go deep down how this rabbit hole happened, but I am a little curious. An extra 3/4 of a Mickey bar for us!

Dear M Family,

We recently discovered a system error with property tax true-ups in our Annual Dues billing system. A true-up is when Disney Vacation Club reconciles the estimated property taxes against the actual costs billed and make adjustments for any difference.

This error impacted a small number of Members who purchased through the third-party resales market in the first year of purchase from 2014 to 2019. As a result, you will be receiving a credit in the amount of $5.27 that will be applied toward your future dues payments for property taxes.

If you have already paid your 2021 Annual Dues, the property tax credit will be applied towards your 2022 Annual Dues for property taxes. We will automatically deduct the credit in the billing next year. If you pay monthly, you will be able to use the credit against the property tax portion of each monthly payment. Our system will automatically process credits so no action is needed on your part.

We sincerely apologize for this error and look forward to welcoming you home on your next visit with Disney Vacation Club.


Disney Vacation Club Member Accounting


Yes I got that this morning. It’s such a small amount, but still nice that it has been corrected.


Agreed! And proof that they are auditing/checking things and at least in some areas trying to operate in our best interest.


did that come via email or something? I didn’t get anything

Yep, via email! We own at SSR which may make a difference. And I think @OBNurseNH owns at OKW.

grrrrr my DVC emails are spotty at best

Lol it is definitely ridiculous. I got honestly 4 of the same email when the Grand Californian opened!

And did you buy resale? For some reason I thought you owned Direct.

i have both resale and a direct. Got a notice to book the cruise (lol no.) but nothing beyond that

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Yes I got an email this morning at 8:07

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Woohoo! That’s enough to pay for an extra Mickey bar!

Well. Almost.


Ooh best of both worlds!!

And I didn’t get anything about a cruise!!

To be fair, this is a decent percentage, 25% I think, of the property tax portion of the Dues.

My refund is just under $19.


Oooh, that’s almost two cocktails!

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Where the heck are you drinking at Disney? That’s hardly one, if you include the tip!


Hahaha fair! I think I’m used to drinking the 2oz festival pours!


Isn’t the Annapurna Zing only like $12?

(Hahahaha “only”)

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My tab for lunch on my last day was something like $56 before tip. Two boozy drinks and one tuna bowl.



So does the refund reflect on the website somewhere? Cause it doesn’t look like I’m going to get an email :frowning:

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Yes, log into your account
Go to dashboard
On the righthand side is a menu
Select Dues
It shows up there