Backpack for free Lockers

This forum has been a fountain of information and a time saver.

The only thing left I can think of that I need advice on, are any recommendation for backpacks that I can still carry enough stuff and fit it on the free small lockers.

I was thinking that maybe some of you guys have tested during your visits to the park, some brands and styles that work well with those lockers.

Thanks again!

I’ve read that the cinch sack type that use the rope as shoulder straps work pretty well. I don’t have any personal experience with them there though…but it would make sense. They are compact but are able to carry the necessities :slight_smile: The free lockers are rather small.


We used Land’s End drawstring bags last May at UOR. These are sturdy cinch sacks. We have a couple of different types. One has water bottle pouches on the sides and a zipper pocket on the outside and can turn into a pouch.
Dimensions are 18”H x 14”W x 5”D
The other style has a large mesh zipper pocket on the front (perfect for water shoes or a cooling towel) and a loop to hang it from.
They both fit into the free lockers without difficulty. The free lockers are pretty deep, just not tall.


Thanks Pigsispigs,

Aren’t those uncomfortable to carry when they are a little heavy because the string straps are too thin? I always carry everything, even when others are trying to help.

Unless I make others backpack or bags really light, because I want to avoid that members of the family complain that they are tire because something is too “heavy” and I’m not talking about just the kids if you get my hint lol

They can be, depending on how heavy the are. We found some that still have cords like this, but are thicker and more comfortable.

Comes in a variety of styles, but we liked it enough we bought 2 more. Now, if you are planning to load them up with a lot of weight, I might tend toward something with straps instead. But the cords on these are quite comfortable in general.

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Thanks ryan1, I really appreciate you taking your time to share the link, we are not going to be loaded that much but I will be caring whatever the four of us need

When we’ve gone the last few years, I took a backpack that was easy for me to shove into a locker along with a souvenir, or a souvenir drink (butterbeer). Also, I wouldn’t fill it with stuff, it was mainly for my wallet, sunscreen, if I needed to carry my wand when I wasn’t in hp, etc. However, on our last trip, it was just a week or two after they changed all of the lockers to the skinny ones, and it was difficult to put anything in them. I wish they kept the old ones because now, I have to plan what I take with me better, or pay for bigger ones.

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When was this? Our last trip was February, 2018. So my recommended sack might not be ideal if the lockers have since been replaced.

It was December.

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My kids both used those Adidas cinch bags on our trip, and they fit in the lockers as long as they werent stuffed. I had an Osprey sling shoulder bag that fit alright, but it did take a bit of arranging/ stuffing it into the locker. I am not a fan of the cinch bags myself because when they get heavy they dig into my shoulders.


Ours have thicker cords so they are reasonably comfortable to carry all day. I usually bring a couple of plastic water bottles water bottle, sunscreen, wallet, phone and lightweight long sleeve shirt and often carry a couple of small items (like and wallet or phone) for someone else. I have carried these same items in a cinch bag with the thinner straps and it was uncomfortable by the end of the day (this was a cheap freebie sack).

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I think it will be alright as long as it is not stuffed full. We were able to fit my cinch sak which is about the same size and 4 wands inside a small Hulk locker in fall 2018.

This thread contains some posts from spring 2019 on what fits in the small lockers.


krwatkins I feel the same way you do about the cords digging into my shoulders, but they are very thing material so that is good thing to minimize bag space

ryan1 I went to the store today to see then physically and they have a lot of then, including the ones you have, the cord is pretty thick so I think i could be ok as long as it doesn’t get too heavy but for the stuff we carry on the park is fine.

We have some of those at home freebie ones but the cord is very thin.

thanks Pigsispigs, I guess those bags are fine, I’ll check the post as well :slight_smile:

I used a 31 bags sling backpack for our trip in Jan 2019. This back has a real strap but only goes over 1 shoulder. I found it comfortable to wear all day in the parks. It fit more than I thought it would, a sweatshirt, 3 wands, wallet, sunglasses case, phone charger, the camera when it wasn’t out to take frequent pictures. It even has 2 water bottle pouches.
It fit in all the lockers well but I did have to place my DSLR camera next to the backpack instead of in it when placing it in the locker. It fit the lockers well because they are skinny and deep just like the backpack. Our big camera would just not lay well in the locker in a bag so we just placed it in the shelf next to the bag.


Thanks for the reply combatjulie, can you please post a link of where to buy it? or what it looks like?